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Wholesale DIY Kit Packages from £4 per kit which you can sell for £20 or more. Add your own settings, breastmilk preservation powder, perhaps chains and opalescent flakes. Create branding and add your own spin on DIY kits for your clients to make their own breastmilk and memorial jewellery.

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UV Resin 500g

UV Resin 500g refill bottle in box for creating small to medium resin pieces including keepsake and memorial jewellery with your clients' breastmilk, cremation ashes, locks of hair and fur or umbilical cord and placenta. You can add dried flowers, precious metal leaf and many kinds of sparkles and colourants. Please note, this item is dropshipped direct from the manufacturer for all orders.

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Wholesale DIY Kit Packages Please note, these kit packages don’t include settings but you can purchase these separately here. The wholesale kit packages will take up to 20 days depending on the size of your order, and whether you choose one type or mixed moulds.Pink ashes teardrop necklace. Crown point teardrop setting in solid sterling silver, 925 stamped. Fairy pink resin sparkle mix. Shown with a medium classic chain (not included)

Kit Contents

If you’d like to buy this wholesale kit package, for example a quantity of ten, you’ll receive:

You can also request some practice ashes here to pass on to clients who ask for it, usually we send out 0.5ml for practice but when you’re purchasing wholesale kits you can ask for more.

Follow our tutorials here to prepare your clients’ elements or buy a pack of 5 or 10 sachets of Breastmilk Preservation Powder here!

Learn how to make a cremation ashes necklace with our video, the full blog is here with all the supplies you’ll need, the teardrop setting is similar but slightly smaller.

Learn how to make a breastmilk necklace with this video, the full blog is here with all the supplies you’ll need

Kit Instructions

You’re welcome to copy our instructions and we have blogs for most types of pieces. Making your own instruction videos isn’t necessary if you’re comfortable linking to mine but you may prefer to to keep branding continuity. We can include a QR code to our YouTube tutorials or your own or even your TikToks, Facebook and Instagram videos or a link to a page or instructions. You may prefer a QR code to printed instructions for environmental reasons (reducing waste), because they’re more accessible to people using screen readers, needing larger or special fonts, other languages etc, and also because it saves a few grams on shipping which can make the difference in shipping costs. I’m trying my best to get a video for every combination of element and setting! We would recommend you either re-word it yourself in your own style.

Hair/Ashes Kits

Breastmilk Kits

Please provide clients with these Breastmilk Preservation Powder PDF Instructions (breastmilk kits only), if you’re sending breastmilk preservation powder, you MUST include a label that they are not for consumption and ideally with breastmilk preservation instructions and FAQ’s. I would recommend doing your own milk preservation video and answering questions in your own words. Posting this and information on Facebook may be easiest if you don’t have your own website yet.

Logos and Branding

We are happy to produce labels for your Wholesale DIY Kit Packages in black and white, either small round 29mm diameter labels or 29x60mm rectangular labels with your chosen wording, QR codes and logo. Please get in touch to discuss. Some clients like to have boxes produced for their kits, depending on your price points. The kits we sell just go in a cellophane bag with a label.

Don’t forget, you MUST label the breastmilk preservation powder if including it!

Setting Sizes

Please see the individual listings for sizes

Solid Silver

The silver in all of our settings is at least 925 sterling silver, which is 100% recycled. The silver may be 935 or 940 purity for some or all of the setting, please see individual listings for more information and see our blog on Types of Solid Silver which explains the care instructions for the silver and the metal content. Our gold plated vermeil items are mostly plated with one micron of yellow or rose gold (please note they can’t be sold as “vermeil” in the USA, where the plating must be at least 2.5 microns thick).

Compatible Mould

The moulds will be single unless otherwise stated, if you’d prefer double please get in touch. Please note the sizing info in the description!


Please note, Wholesale DIY Kit Packages do not contain breastmilk preservation powder or settings!

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