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Genuine Diamond Powder to add to any resin jewellery, Boobie Awards (Nursiversaries), or just to add a little bit of bling to your jewellery! 0.5ml genuine diamond powder in a small vial. April birthstone and two year boobie awards, easy to add in the top layers of a direct pour or in the first few layers using a mould. A little goes a very long way!

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Genuine Diamond Powder including boobie award stones, the two year Boobie Award (Nursiversaries), or just to add a little bit of bling to your jewellery! For more colours of opal click here and for other birthstones see our crushed glass

Please read our full Terms and Conditions and FAQ page before ordering. You can order stock images here, featuring this sparkle mix colour!

Using Genuine Diamond Powder

Synthetic stones work beautifully in epoxy and UV resin. The resulting vibrancy will depend on how much of the flakes or grains you use, how it’s placed and your other additions, inclusions and elements. Cremation ashes, for example, vary in colour from white through to browns, greys and black. Please make sure you tell your clients you cannot guarantee a shade but feel free to show them Tree of Opals watermarked images until you have your own stock images. You may share Tree of Opals stock images with attribution (you must say that the images are courtesy of Tree of Opals) on your website and social media but you must not crop out the watermark.


Rainbow Breastmilk Heart Tutorial Video

Using diamond powder for the two year boobie awards

Simply premix with resin then pour this into your mould, or push it into a mould already filled with resin, or sprinkle in a setting along with resin sparkle mixes or breastmilk pearly sparkle mixes. You can also add your clients’ elements or inclusions like breastmilk, lock of hair, umbilical cord and placenta or cremation ashes. Then cure in the usual way. Or you can add your resin to the mould before adding the forget-me-not flowers.

If working with UV resin we recommend you work in layers to achieve beautiful depths of colour.

Photographing Genuine Diamond Powder

Synthetic Opal photographs so much better with a darker background, like with this umbilical cord ring

When photographing breastmilk jewellery with genuine or synthetic opal, or even opalescent mylar flakes, it can be tricky to get the colours to show nicely. You may get better reactions from potential clients by taking a short video, Nikki recommends using TikTok to show the piece sparkling in either daylight or perhaps in a lightbox. If you do photograph the piece, making use of saturation and vibrancy filters can help clients see how beautiful they are in real life whilst still being authentic and true to life

Opal breastmilk Ayla Solitaire Ring, preserved dried breastmilk in resin with synthetic opal pieces made into a cabochon (stone) and set into the ring with glue. Opal represents the five year breastfeeding award and also the October birthstone. Cast Argentium 935 anti-tarnish silver (higher purity than sterling), shown from above
Opal breastmilk Ayla Solitaire Ring, preserved dried breastmilk in resin with synthetic opal pieces shown from above to catch more of the sparkle

Synthetic Birthstones & Precious Stones in Keepsake and Breastmilk Jewellery

Opal represents the October birthstone and some people believe it’s bad luck to wear it if you’re not born in October or you breastfed for five years, however this is only true if you or your customer believe it. You can view the full Tree of Opals Boobie Awards for Breastmilk Jewellery list here over on Nikki’s other site.

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  1. keepsakesbygeorgy (verified owner)

    Gives a lovely spark to my keepsakes. Love it, I’ll buy again

  2. Kathy Smith (verified owner)

    These are amazing and fantastic they are synthetic is perfect! Thank you x

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