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UV Resin Rainbow Tutorials

UV Resin Rainbow Tutorials Crown Heart Necklace Settings solid silver rainbow ash heart solid 925 silver handmade necklace. Cremation ashes in resin with resin sparkle mix colours. Real silver crown point open back necklace setting shown with 1.7mm chain upgrade, 18mm crown heart setting

UV Resin Rainbow Tutorials – Making Resin Jewellery. Making breastmilk,…

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How To Make Sending Kits

How To Make Sending Kits with downloadable instruction templates from Keepsaker Supplies breastmilk jewellery kit

How to make sending kits for your clients to post…

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How to Deal With Complaints

how to deal with complaints by Nikki Kamminga at Keepsaker Supplies

You can learn how to deal with complaints easily, effectively…

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Set a Resin Sphere

how to set a resin sphere or orb Solid 9ct gold breastmilk cord orb, breastmilk and two babies' umbilical cords, platinum leaf for 18 month breastfeeding awards (platinum boobies). No colour or shimmer added, 11mm sphere with hand wire wrapped setting shown with chain upgrade

A tutorial to set a resin sphere, also known as…

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