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Collecting Prints From Deceased People and Pets

Taking prints from deceased people and pets is an art in itself and will usually take gentle explaining to a client. You can be using an Inkless Wipe Kit to make an engraved piece with handprints, fingerprints etc, or you’re using Silicone Putty to take a 3D fingerprint or nose print etc.

Sometimes our clients are able to take the prints directly themselves if we send them a kit, some artists like to go to the client’s home or funeral home to do it for them. There may be a time issue so we often recommend clients order the kit from Amazon Prime to be delivered to a loved one’s home to bring to the funeral home, vet’s office

Please be sensitive if you’re working with babies who have passed and reassure parents that the inkless wipes or dental putty won’t hurt baby’s skin; we find bereaved parents don’t want to risk hurting the baby even after they pass. Midwives will often help bereaved parents to take the prints

First of all we recommend buying at least one of each of the two different kinds of kits above so that you have them on-hand when needed. Clients will sometimes contact you and need to act quickly before a burial or cremation. There are several ways to go about collecting prints and you may need to advise them on collecting hair or fur at the same time. More to follow, thank you for your patience!

You may be able to take the print yourself if you work in a clinical setting, something Rhea over at Silver Keepsake Co.


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