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Please see my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page here before getting in touch. Thanks! As a small business, my admin costs are very high and over half of our enquiries are already covered on the FAQ’s. You can support my business by checking them quickly before you get in touch please. By logging in and clicking on your latest order will give you your order’s tracking info etc. You’re welcome to contact us if you’re struggling to log in so we can reset your password.

General Enquiries

Email Joanna on or if you need to speak to Nikki directly please email 
You’re welcome to call on +44(0) 1633 546154 but please remember Nikki often works from home and has three children including two with additional needs and a toddler so we can’t always answer. There’s a Facebook chat plugin on this website so you can easily message us on there, or our Instagram is KeepsakerSupplies.

How NOT to get in touch

We ask you not to message Tree of Opals, Nikki’s other business, or our Etsy to discuss your order. They are run as separate businesses and you will be directed back to Keepsaker Supplies. We do have a TikTok but I don’t tend to check messages there very often unless I’m on live, so I don’t recommend messaging there. Please don’t WhatsApp me unless I’ve given you my mobile (cell) number specifically, and please don’t message Nikki or any of the team privately on social media as you’ll be directed to our page – thank you so much. I believe in keeping messages on each of my businesses separate.

In Case Of Emergency

For your own peace of mind, to protect yourself, family members and pets, please follow our usage and safety instructions carefully when using this Keepsaker Supplies breastmilk preservation powder. Use common sense and PPE (full details of PPE sourcing can be found in our Worldwide Sourcing Guides here – including the UKUSAAustralia and Canada (more countries coming soon). Keep the powder, breastmilk, tools and equipment and preserved milk away from children and pets for safety and also for professionalism. Be careful around naked flames. The ingredients of our Breastmilk Preservation Powder is strictly confidential and secret. It absolutely must neither be ingested nor breathed in (wear PPE including gloves and respirator at all times and keep away from children and pets). In case of emergency all of the ingredients are found in food products apart from one, which is borax (NOT boric acid). Borax is found in food in many countries but is banned in others, it’s found in cosmetics and children’s slime. If accidentally ingested please contact emergency services or a healthcare provider immediately and inform them of the above. This is sold as a pigment, we are not required to give out ingredients.

The product is not intended for consumption or any other use other than for preserving breastmilk and breastmilk substitutes such as constituted formula, plant drinks (such as soy milk). The resulting preserved breastmilk is only intended for use in making jewellery and ornaments and again is not fit for human consumption. Please do not taste or smell the powder as the ingredients may irritate the nose and mouth. As a breastfeeding parent themself, Nikki mixes, packages and uses the powder daily using a dust mask and vinyl gloves, which are included in all of our DIY kits and more can be purchased from our Worldwide Sourcing Guides here. For information on our health and safety datasheets click here.


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