• charm bead cores quote sample Keepsaker Supplies

    Branded Charm Bead Core Quote

  • breastmilk charm with gold leaf and Tree of Opals core for Pandora bracelets

    Medium Charm Bead Mould

  • craft pricing calculator

    Free Craft Pricing Calculator

  • slim silicone moulds

    Slim Charm Mould

  • sphere moulds

    Sphere Moulds

  • cremation ash cabochon mould for resin jewellery

    Cabochon Moulds

  • breastmilk large charm mould

    Large Charm Bead Mould

  • faceted charm mould, handmade silicone mold. For Pandora style bracelets, European charms

    Faceted Charm Mould

  • round cabochon mould, handmade mold with crystal clear silicone

    12mm Cabochon Mould Duo

  • breastmilk heart ring with 10mm medium heart cabochon made with milk powder, pink mica blend and diamond powder

    10mm Heart Cabochon Duo