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Forever In My Heart ♥ cores for charm beads in solid sterling silver, sets that do not need gluing for charm beads made from resin, polymer clay, glass, wood, stone and concrete. Perfect for charm beads containing your clients’ breastmilk, placenta and umbilical cord, cremation ashes, hair and fur, petals and flowers and other elements. Please check compatability!

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Frequently Bought Together

15 Piece Doming Punch Set

15 Piece Doming Punch Set to make life easier when flaring two-part A+B bead cores like Forever In My Heart Cores/Breastfed With Love/Always With Me/Blank/Custom. For making breastmilk, cremation ashes and lock of hair large hole beads for European style bracelets.


Forever In My Heart ♥ cores for charm beads that fit resin, polymer clay and glass donut beads to make them look perfect on any Biagi, Chamilia or Pandora bracelet. A set for one charm bead consists of a part A and part B. Part A is inserted through your charm bead’s core, the part B placed over the top and flared gently with a 6mm doming punch. You can also use a 6mm ball bearing (included) and lightweight hammer, but the doming punch method is easier, both methods are shown below.

Purchase them wholesale from us here!

These are the cores we use at Tree of Opals made by the same people for us for the past 4 years. The phrase “Forever In My Heart ♥” is our most requested phrase for engraving, so we know that your clients will feel happy to have this on their charm beads. It’s suitable as a breastfeeding and baby keepsake (breastmilk charm beads, first curl charm beads, placenta and umbilical cord charm beads) but also as a memorial for your clients (cremation ashes charm beads and hair and fur charm beads).

Cores For Charm Beads – Compatability

Perfect for use with our

Please note they are not compatible with slim, super slim, small or large beads due to length of the core. For inserts which are compatible with charms of a different length core please click here for our glue-in charm bead inserts. For advice on making keepsake and memorial jewellery see our blogs here. Don’t forget, we sell bead mould masters too so if you’re able to make your own bead moulds, we’d recommend buying medium, faceted or honeycomb bead masters.

These cores are sold by the set, so for one charm you would just need to purchase one core set. They are much wider than other inserts on the market so they’re ideal for covering up the sanding area on resin charm beads and slight colour run on glass beads.

How To Fit A Forever In My Heart ♥ Core

Here is a video showing you how to fit a core with the ball bearing (included) and a lightweight hammer like this one

All Bead Tutorials
Here is a video showing you how to fit a core with a doming punch set and a wooden doming block

Kit Contents

If you’d like to buy these cores as a kit you’ll receive:

You can also request some practice ashes here. You’ll also need to provide yourself (not included):

Follow our tutorials here to prepare your clients’ elements or buy a pack of 5 or 10 sachets of Breastmilk Preservation Powder here!

Stock Images

You can download some stock images here. They’re royalty-free and Creative Commons 00 so you’re free to edit and use for your own purposes but we ask you to let your clients know in the image description that they do not necessarily reflect your own work and are for guidance only. You can Photoshop in your own charm beads and add your own watermarks as desired. More coming soon – feel free to submit your own royalty-free CC00 images to benefit the community, so long as you are happy with no attribution required, which means that someone using the images doesn’t have to credit you for the photo.

Forever In My Heart ♥ Core Sizing

in depth specifications
10mm wide core flange on two part core set. Covers 10mm sanding area on charm beads
8mm length core tube on part A of two part core set. For 6 or 7mm wide charm beads
4mm wide smallest internal diameter. Ideal for bracelets 4mm wide or smaller such as Pandora or Trollbeads
5mm wide internal tube diameter. Ideal for bracelets 4.5mm wide or smaller such as Pandora or Trollbeads
5.5mm wide largest internal diameter on part B. Charm bead hole will need to be at least 5.5mm wide
10mm total set length of charm bead with core fitted

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”1″ display=”basic_imagebrowser”]resin beads
7mm length charm bead is perfect for the core length (our medium charm bead mould and faceted charm bead mould are 7mm in length and fit perfectly)

7mm length charm bead is perfect for the core length (medium and faceted)
7mm length charm bead is perfect for the core length (medium and faceted)

5mm mandrel with bead release, ideal for use with fitted bead cores
donut bead graphite mould – the black and blue charm is the perfect size for our charm cores

5mm mandrel with bead release, ideal for use with fitted bead cores
5mm mandrel with bead release, ideal for use with fitted bead cores
donut bead graphite mould - the black and blue charm is the perfect size for our charm cores
donut bead graphite mould – the black and blue charm is the perfect size for our charm cores

925 Sterling EcoSilver

The silver in these fitted cores is 925 solid sterling EcoSilver. Please see our blog on Types of Solid Silver which explains the care instructions for the silver and the metal content.

How to Use Charm Bead Cores

Full blog coming soon with information on sizing lampwork glass beads and attaching the cores. You do not need a machine to fit these (in fact, a grommet press is not recommended and can warp the core). A piece of cloth and a 5mm or 6mm doming punch are all you need, just apply a firm pressure downwards to flare part A over part B. Do not press too hard or you will warp the core and need to use pliers to remove it. We will not replace cores damaged during setting.

We will include 6mm ball bearings with Forever In My Heart Cores, which can be used with a gentle tap of the hammer to flare, be sure to put the bead on a soft cloth before you do it though! Video coming soon.

Pro tip – at Tree of Opals we like to make the client two charm beads with their elements (ashes, hair etc) at the same time. Remove both from the moulds and send the client a photo to check they’re happy and offer them a choice. Let the clients know that you will return the second one free of charge as a spare, and set their favourite with a core. Over half of our clients ask for the second charm to be set, which you may charge £20 for doing. So it’s always worth buying an extra core just in case!

This video shows us making a cremation bead and how to fit a core


Costing Cores For Charm Beads

Over at Tree of Opals we sell charm beads with hair for around £70 (80EUR/85USD/120CAD/130AUD appx) and sets of them down to around £50, plus occasionally up to 30% off for large family orders, wholesale (funeral homes and crematoria, I used to do 30% off for 10 pieces or more for a breastfeeding group) or black Friday deals etc. The very cheapest I would sell a charm bead for would be £25 as a mystery piece/mystery order addon or for someone who wanted a second charm bead set when you’ve already made two. The profit margin on that is high enough to cover my overheads (websites, payment processing fees, my admin manager, moulds etc) and support my family.

Of course, you can sell charms for £15, and I have seen them that low, but only with silver plated cores. Clients will happily pay extra for a solid silver setting on any piece. We also sell glue-in charm inserts and a set is a little less expensive but they do not fit all the way through the core and will need to be glued in. This will take longer and occasionally they can fall out. These cores provide the most professional option and will set your business above others using glue-ins.

Cores For Charm Beads – Large/Custom orders

If you would like some custom charm beads made our minimum order quantity is 200pcs and your first order will include the cost of designing and making a “die stamp”. You can choose your brand name or business name, or your own special phrase such as “Breastfed with Love” or “Over Rainbow Bridge”. Please order our Branded Charm Bead Core Quote here and give us the details of your business, how many charm beads you sell a month etc.

Additional information

bead quantities

1 set for 1 bead, 10 sets for 10 beads, 20 sets for 20 beads

precious metal

country of manufacture


ships from

United Kingdom

24 reviews for Forever In My Heart Cores

  1. barakshay2 (verified owner)

    The perfect phrase to upgrade any bead. Fits well, thanks!

  2. m.cyphers (verified owner)

    These cores are absolutely stunning, well made and are the perfect finish for my memorial jewellery. They’ve become a firm favourite with my customers and have quickly become the most popular option for them.

  3. kavichidambaram (verified owner)

    Love these cores! great quality and perfect fit to my beads. Very popular as well!

  4. Sophshumble (verified owner)

    Amazing cores they are beautiful but also really well made. They feel so secure and my customers love them ❤

  5. melaniesmemorialjewellery (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous and well made bead cores. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Ordered one and already from advertising have 3 more orders. I feel these will be extremely popular.
    For anyone afraid of using them they’re really easy to fit you just have to be careful.

  6. eleesha1992 (verified owner)

    Perfect very secure and pretty the lettering is brilliant. Very handy that you now get the little ball bearing for fitting too.

  7. alays20 (verified owner)

    Excellent product and looks beautiful in my beads! Can’t wait to get more!

  8. Sophshumble (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous cores and so secure in the moulds. I won’t use any others now

  9. frannyp (verified owner)

    Stunning, well made bead cores the look amazing in my charm beads. Very easy to fit too.

  10. keepsakesbygeorgy (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the quality of cores. It was easy fitting with the ball bearing included. I’ll definitely order again.

  11. thymelesswire (verified owner)

    Excellent core to use. User friendly instruction provided for first time users. Very happy with the quality.

  12. (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality bead core, easy to use, fab tutorial over on YouTube!

  13. ambientparadise (verified owner)

    I repeat order these bead cores as they are so popular with my customers. Amazing quality. Please don’t stop stocking them 😊❤

  14. hollybirt (verified owner)

    These cores are really pretty and I found them easy to set into my bead!

  15. llinola (verified owner)

    Gorgeous cores for memorial pieces. High standard and finish my pieces beautifully!

  16. Julia Wallis (verified owner)

    Beautiful core, perfect to finish off charms

  17. frannyp (verified owner)

    Currently my most popular item – easy to set and look stunning.

  18. Catherine Reed (verified owner)

    Superb quality as always, absolutely love these cores and they look stunning!

  19. Audrey Blair (verified owner)

    Will definitely buy these again xx

  20. Audrey Blair (verified owner)

    These bead cores give the beads a perfect finished look. I just love them xx

  21. Pam Sturgeon (verified owner)

    Beautiful bead cores, fantastic quality. Definitely will be buying again x

  22. Audrey Blair (verified owner)

    These bead cores make your beads look amazing. A perfect finishing touch.

  23. Ashley Barclay (verified owner)

    1st time purchasing these cores and I love how you get the ball bearing with it to make it easier to secure. Lovely words and a brilliant edition to a special bead!

  24. Audrey Blair (verified owner)

    These are just perfect to finish of th he beads

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