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Little Windows® Epoxy Resin 45g

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Little Windows® Epoxy Resin 45g kit (1.5oz/45ml) for creating small to medium resin pieces including keepsake and memorial jewellery with your clients’ breastmilk, cremation ashes, locks of hair and fur or umbilical cord and placenta. You can add dried flowers, precious metal leaf and many kinds of sparkles and colourants.

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Little Windows® Brilliant Resin for Jewelry & More 1.5oz/45g (45ml) kit epoxy resin. With good aftercare this resin should not yellow at all. This is a great size for beginners and working with day to day making epoxy resin jewellery. To buy directly from Little Windows click here – you can use the code for 15% off and orders are shipped from the USA – we’d recommend this for USA clients to save on shipping costs.

Suitable for small pieces, doming, works with all types of mould – we’d recommend our water-clear moulds (click here) though so you can see any trapped bubbles! You can work with much larger amounts of epoxy resin than you can our UV resin. More environmentally friendly than standard epoxy as it’s designed to be mixed in smaller quantities, so there is much less wastage.

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Little Windows® Epoxy Resin Kit Contents

  • 30g Part A + 15g Part B
  • 3 mixing cups
  • stirring stick
  • instructions for use

Please note, this kit is just for resin and does not contain gloves, moulds, settings, colours etc. For that we recommend you buy on of our DIY jewellery kits.

Using Epoxy Resin

Simply mix 2 parts A and 1 part B together well and pour into your mould. I highly recommend measuring epoxy resin by weight using small jeweller’s scales like these (click). It’s more accurate than measuring by eye or even by volume – marks on the side of the cup, so you’re less likely to make a mistake. Stir really, really slowly and carefully for at least two minutes, trying not to introduce air bubbles. You can use a degassing chamber or pressure pot to remove air bubbles from Little Windows® Epoxy Resin 45g but I always found if you stir carefully enough you don’t need to!

I like You can also add your clients’ elements or inclusions like breastmilk, lock of hair, umbilical cord and placenta or cremation ashes. Then cure in the usual way. For working with ashes and cord/placenta, fill the mould first and wait until the resin becomes thick like treacle before adding the grains, this will help prevent them from sinking.

Please be careful to wear good PPE (personal protective equipment) such as gloves and mask. Please see our individual country-specific blogs for shopping supplies: United KingdomUSAAustraliaCanada, other EU countries (coming soon) and non-EU countries (coming soon). You can become sensitised to epoxy resin and develop contact dermatitis. If this happens, you can switch to UV resin.

This video from Fran at Little Windows® shows you how to mix it very easily.

We always recommend you work in layers with resin to achieve beautiful depths of colour, and to help the piece cure nicely. You can add each layer once the previous layer is tacky, Little Windows® Epoxy Resin 45g cures quickly compared to some epoxy resins.

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1 review for Little Windows® Epoxy Resin 45g

  1. keepsakesbygeorgy (verified owner)

    My favourite resin for breastmilk jewellery. I like the viscosity of the resin, easy pouring, good value.

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