Frequently Asked Questions

Please remember that Nikki is now on maternity until late September. Please check your account before getting in touch
Here are our frequently asked questions/FAQ’s and please let us know if there’s anything you can’t see or think we should add. Updated 20th June 2020

Coronavirus FAQ: Please allow extra time for parcels to arrive. We are posting around once a week (more often where able) and regular delivery times with most delivery companies is affected by the virus. You can check the website of the company directly to see their ETA’s but unfortunately this is out of our control. Please have patience and we hope you enjoy your order when it arrives!

Although lockdown restrictions are starting to be lifted here in the UK, I am still pregnant and will continue not to go to the Post Office. My husband will continue to go once a week for me. If you can’t wait, please do not order!

ROYAL MAIL: the RM tracking site seems to be going in and out of service, so if you’re not able to track your parcel, please wait a few hours and try again. You must wait at least two weeks before getting in touch about an order that has been marked as completed but not received. 9 out of 10 times we’re contacted right now about shipping queries, they arrive within a day or two.

Q0. What are your maternity dates and how will it affect my order?
Nikki is due in September 2020 but squish may arrive any time – here’s our latest info. If you’d like to preorder and would like a big discount (possibly credit for loyal regular clients) please get in touch on

Q1. How long do orders take
A: Orders are usually shipped within 5 working days of receiving payment for in-stock items. If we are on holiday we will post above. Backorders will be made ASAP, please get in touch before ordering to find out how long they will take, or you may need to wait for our stock to arrive. Custom made items such as ring settings will take an additional 5 working days on top of this. We will occasionally need to order more masters to make large orders which takes extra time. Please remember, Nikki is a full time parent working around school hours and has another business, Tree of Opals. Please see above for coronavirus restrictions.

Q2. How often are out of stock items made available?
A: We usually make moulds once a fortnight in large batches if the mould masters are available but they can take longer than that if we are ordering from abroad, if the moulds don’t come out well etc. If you need something urgently please get in touch before ordering and we can let you know how soon it can be available. For pre-orders, I don’t usually have a date for arrival and ask you not to order if you need it guaranteed by a certain date.

Please note that due to the coronavirus, we have been waiting several months for some items that we had hoped would be sooner, such as resin and pestle and mortars, for example. We appreciate that you are looking forward to them arriving but please don’t chase. If you want to cancel your order we can help with that, otherwise we’re grateful for everybody’s patience.

Q3. How do I check my order?
A: Go to My Orders and click on the most recent order (or the one you want to check). You’ll see the current order status (processing, completed etc.) and if it’s completed and you paid for recorded delivery, you’ll see a tracking number and courier in the notes. I’m hoping to add clickable tracking links soon, to take you straight to the shipping company’s website but in the mean time just search “Parcel2Go tracking link” on Google, for example, to check a Parcel2Go shipping code!

Q4. When will this item be back in stock?
A: I make moulds by hand based on demand, so if you’d like something specially made please let me know. If you’re ordering a larger quantity then this will mean they’re made sooner.

Q5. Do you do custom moulds?
A: This depends on how readily available the mould master is and how many you want to order. Please get in touch to let Nikki know what you’d like!

Q6. How do I reset my password?
A: You can whitelist our email address (see below) to get the password reset link, or just ask Joanna on Facebook to manually reset it for you.

Q7: I paid and I haven’t heard a thing back. Where are my order updates?
A: Your account (click here) will be updated which you can check by logging in. When we update an order an email is sent automatically, however, our emails are often deleted by clients’ email providers, especially if you’re with Hotmail! You have to whitelist click here for instructions

Q8: How do I add to my safe senders list on Hotmail? Your emails weren’t in my junk folder.

  • Select Options from the top right (next to the question mark)
  • Select More options > Safe and blocked senders (under Preventing junk email) > Safe senders
  • In the space provided, enter the domain
  • Select Add to list
  • Ensure the safe mailing lists box has the address you entered, and select OK

(more providers are listed here). For mobile users you can request the desktop site of your email provider in your browser. If THAT doesn’t work then remember, 1 in 10 people spell their email addresses wrong when they order, just ask Joanna on Facebook to check the email address we have for you or log in with the username and password you set originally. If you’re whitelisting our email address because you can’t log in then please ask Joanna to reset your password.

Q9. The item I purchased was showing as in stock, why are you saying it’s not available?
A: If there’s a stock quantity of two, for example, and somebody else buys two but their order is still processing, it won’t affect the stock quantity until we send the item. So it may still show as available to purchase even though the items are still spoken for. We may need to use stock to make up another item (for example, somebody buys a charm bead kit with a medium bead mould, there would then be one fewer bead moulds available). We try to keep the stock up to date but it is hard at the moment due to Nikki and Hazel being full time parents homeschooling small children. We try to keep quantities as high as possible to avoid these issues and are trying our best. We’re grateful for everyone’s understanding!

Q10. How and when do I get my download?
A: They will be available to download here in My Downloads (on the left of your My Account) as soon as your order is marked completed. If your order is waiting to be shipped, or on hold awaiting backordered stock, then you won’t be able to download. That’s why we recommend that downloadable products are always ordered separately. Don’t worry, there’s no shipping charge on downloadables and we usually check them daily to mark them completed, but feel free to give us a shout on Facebook to mark them for you!