Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Lead Times

Regular Lead Times:

  • up to 5 working days for stocked items
  • up to 10 working days for handmade and personalised (such as rings)
  • up to 20 working days for engraving and hallmarked (40 working days for an engraved and hallmarked item)
  • around 6 weeks for dropshipped items

Don’t forget, this is the time it takes us to dispatch. Please add shipping times on top

Shipping FAQ: Always check your account here before getting in touch

  • Please allow extra time for parcels to arrive; regular delivery times with most delivery companies are affected by covid and Royal Mail have experienced strikes and cyber attacks
  • You can check the website of the shipping company directly to see their ETA’s but unfortunately this is out of our control
  • If you don’t want to wait, please choose a fast shipping method or order from a supplier that can guarantee fast shipping (such as Amazon)
  • ROYAL MAIL: You must wait at least two weeks before getting in touch about an order that has been marked as shipped but not received. 9 out of 10 times we’re contacted right now about shipping queries, they arrive within a day or two. We always recommend you choose either Royal Mail Special Delivery or courier because these arrive within a few days.
  • In the past year, almost every single missing parcel to or from Nikki’s two businesses have arrived eventually. Free shipping is a privilege for loyal customers, is done uninsured and with the cheapest shipping method, and lost parcels will not be replaced, you will need to reorder the items.
  • International orders stuck in transit are taking up to ten weeks to arrive – we will not be able to replace lost orders until 12 weeks after they’re first dispatched, we are so sorry
  • Please have patience and we hope you enjoy your order when it arrives!
  • We are not responsible for delays in shipping once the item has been dispatched and will not refund shipping for delays on stated times
  • If shipment tracking shows a parcel is lost, we will replace it. A lack of updates on the tracking means it’s still progressing through the system or stuck in customs and we kindly ask for your patience

Q1. How long do orders take to dispatch?
A: Orders are usually shipped within 5 working days of receiving payment for in-stock items. If we are on holiday or experiencing issues we will post above. Custom made or hand-finished items such as ring settings, scalloped pendants and necklace chains will take an additional 5 working days on top of this (10 working days in total for custom pieces). One month for engraving, and we don’t give ETA’s for out of stock items.

Backorders/pre-orders will be made ASAP, please get in touch before ordering to find out how long they will take, or you may need to wait for our stock to arrive. If in doubt or you don’t want to wait, please don’t order.

Please see the top of this page for any holiday dispatch times, please remember to add shipping times to dispatch dates plus time in customs if you’re an international customer. Thanks!

Q2. How often are out of stock items made available? Do you do custom moulds?
A: We can’t give ETA’s for out of stock items. Please use the Wishlist feature to get an email when items are restocked. For pre-orders/backorders, we don’t usually have a date for arrival and ask you not to order if you need it guaranteed by a certain date. We make moulds by hand based on demand, so if you’d like something specially made please let us know. If you’re ordering a larger quantity then this will mean they’re made sooner. You can add items to your wishlist to get an email when it’s back in stock. See question 2 above please.

Q3. How do I check my order?
A: Go to My Orders and click on the most recent order (or the one you want to check). You’ll see the current order status (processing, completed etc.) and if it’s completed and you paid for recorded delivery, you’ll see a tracking number and courier in the notes.

Q4. Do your handmade items look perfect?
A: No. Our rings are made in our studio individually and our scalloped settings are cast in small batches but finished by hand. Our jump rings, wire, silver sheet and bezel cups come from different batches and will have small differences. Each item will have a handmade finish but if this is not what you were expecting you are welcome to return any item custom within 7 days (non custom items such as moulds and sparkle mixes can be returned within the usual 14 days) for a full refund by the original payment method or store credit. Items must be in the condition they are sent, not partially rubbed over or filled with customers’ ashes! See our Returns Policy for more information. For goodwill returns, outside of return times, we may be able to offer store credit. Please contact us to discuss

Q5. How do I complain you sent me the wrong size ring?
A: Remember, rings can be one UK size larger or smaller depending on different sizing mandrels and as they are measured by hand. We often get people who message us complaining we sent the wrong size ring, but then it turns out they haven’t yet measured the ring! PLEASE check a ring’s size on a ring sizing mandrel a) when you receive a ring from any supplier and b) before completing a customer’s order to avoid mistakes made anywhere in the chain, with something so precious as keepsake and memorial jewellery. If you believe a ring is the wrong size, send us a photo of it on the sizing mandrel showing a) the size label we put on and b) the size it is. Like this:

Size M ring on a ring sizing mandrel. These mandrels are very inexpensive to buy and a necessity for anyone selling rings!
Size M ring on a ring sizing mandrel. These mandrels are very inexpensive to buy and a necessity for anyone selling rings!

If we actually sent the wrong size (happens once a year or so, in which we send thousands and thousands of rings) then we’ll apologise genuinely, remake it immediately and send the replacement and also give you some kind of freebie or store credit to apologise for the wait. We all make mistakes and it’s quite possible Nikki and their team might one day add the wrong size label to some rings. We are extremely careful not to.

Also, please don’t forget – if your customer measures a UK size P on a standard plastic ring sizing set then they may be better suited to a size O or O 1/2 in a comfort fit band such as the bubble or twisted band, and they may be better suited to a size Q for a wide band (3mm or above, such as wide, chunky and channel rings). Just because a ring doesn’t fit, it doesn’t mean we sent the wrong size. Please read our product description. Finally, although you can recommend your customer may wish to go down or up a size, your responsibility is only to provide the size they have requested. If they ask for a P, we make and send you a P, you set it and give them a size P and it doesn’t fit, then that’s neither your fault or ours really

Q6. How do I reset my password?
A: You can whitelist our email address (see below) to get the password reset link, or just ask Joanna on Facebook to manually reset it for you.

Q7: I paid and I haven’t heard a thing back. Where are my order updates?
A: Your account (click here) will be updated which you can check by logging in. When we update an order an email is sent automatically, however, our emails are often deleted by clients’ email providers, especially if you’re with Hotmail! You have to whitelist click here for instructions.

Q8: How do I add to my safe senders list on Hotmail? Your emails weren’t in my junk folder.

  • Select Options from the top right (next to the question mark)
  • Select More options > Safe and blocked senders (under Preventing junk email) > Safe senders
  • In the space provided, enter the domain
  • Select Add to list
  • Ensure the safe mailing lists box has the address you entered, and select OK

(more providers are listed here). For mobile users you can request the desktop site of your email provider in your browser. If THAT doesn’t work then remember, 1 in 10 people spell their email addresses wrong when they order, just ask Joanna and Azaria on Facebook to check the email address we have for you or log in with the username and password you set originally. If you’re whitelisting our email address because you can’t log in then please ask Joanna to reset your password.

Q9. The item I purchased was showing as in stock, why are you saying it’s not available?
A: If there’s a stock quantity of two, for example, and somebody else buys two but their order is still processing, it won’t affect the stock quantity until we send the item. So it may still show as available to purchase even though the items are still spoken for. We may need to use stock to make up another item (for example, somebody buys a charm bead kit with a medium bead mould, there would then be one fewer bead moulds available). We try to keep the stock up to date but it is hard at the moment due to Nikki and Hazel being full time parents homeschooling small children. We try to keep quantities as high as possible to avoid these issues and are trying our best. We’re grateful for everyone’s understanding!

Q10. How and when do I get my download?
A: They will be available to download here in My Downloads (on the left of your My Account) as soon as your order is marked completed. If your order is waiting to be shipped, or on hold awaiting backordered stock, then you won’t be able to download. That’s why we recommend that downloadable products are always ordered separately. Don’t worry, there’s no shipping charge on downloadables and we usually check them daily to mark them completed, but feel free to give us a shout on Facebook to mark them for you!

Q11. Why isn’t my order tracking number working?
Unless you have paid for a fully tracked service, you are unlikely receive a fully tracked service. If a you had free shipping or just signed, and a tracking number is provided, it will only show basic information (when we post and when it arrives with you). The info simply won’t be provided by the shipping companies so tracking information shows as “unavailable”. You do not need to inform us, it’s not an error. Please be patient whilst your order makes its way through the shipping network as they are prioritising medical supplies. We highly recommend using a fully tracked or courier service, especially for high value items. Free shipping is uninsured and at customers’ own risk, we will not replace items lost in the post. Click here for Royal Mail’s international services information

Q12. How do I leave a review and get store credit?
Go to the Discounts and Coupons blog, it has pictures!

Q13. When will you replace an order delayed in the post?
If you paid for a signed or tracked service and the item doesn’t arrive within three months we will replace it. We recommend you choose the FedEx service for the replacement and we will ask you to pay the difference. We always recommend choosing Royal Mail Special Delivery (UK orders) or courier (international orders) as these are 1-3 day services and 99.9% guaranteed to arrive. If you’ve chosen free shipping then that’s at your own risk and we won’t replace anything delayed or lost sorry.

  • International orders stuck in transit are taking up to ten weeks to arrive – we will not be able to replace lost orders until 12 weeks after they’re first dispatched, we are so sorry

Q14. When is your Christmas holiday deadline?
We will guarantee to dispatch orders placed up to and including 15th December 2021, excluding engraving, by 20th December (this may be subject to change depending on holiday childcare etc). Please factor in shipping times which are usually longer during the holiday season. We are not in control of shipping once an item has left our possession and are not able to guarantee orders will reach you in time. Please contact us if you have any concerns or need an item urgently, and leave plenty of time for making your orders. Order stock well in advance especially popular items and consumables.

Q15. Why did you refund me?
We will adjust your order to show why we have done a refund, either it’s out of stock, we’re refunding shipping and combining orders, or we’re just being nice and giving you a freebie. Please don’t message us to ask why, it will say on your order. If you can’t log in then we’re happy to give you your username and reset your password. We will also add the reason to the refund transaction on PayPal or Stripe (card payments) so you can check there.

Q16. Is it real silver/gold?
Please see our individual listings for specific info. We don’t sell any base metal settings or gold plated base metal, but we do sell gold filled findings. We sell solid silver, solid gold, gold filled (rolled gold) and gold vermeil (gold plated solid silver). Here is our dealer’s notice and we are a registered at the Birmingham Assay Office under the sponsor mark of Tree of Opals (the parent company). Items requiring a hallmark are hallmarked.

Q17. Are you fully insured and registered for VAT?
Of course! We are insured under the parent company Keepsaker Ltd. and the business address is 99 Alexandra Road, Newport, NP20 2JF. Visitors by appointment only, please. We are registered as a limited company number 13786523 here on Companies House and VAT registered 449 3455 66.

Q18. Did you change the recipe for the Breastmilk Preservation Powder?
Please note a small change to the recipe in 2021 meaning the unused powder keeps better but this does not affect use. You may find it does not bubble as much as our previous recipe when cooking. Batches from pre-2021 can still be used if they do not have brown spots. We are happy to exchange any old batch powder returned.

Q19. My child ate some Breastmilk Preservation Powder, do we need to rush to A&E?
In case of emergency all of the ingredients are found in food products apart from one, which is borax (NOT boric acid). Borax is found in food in many countries but is banned in others, it’s found in cosmetics and children’s slime. If accidentally ingested please contact emergency services or a healthcare provider immediately and inform them of the above. This is sold as a pigment, we are not required to give out ingredients. The ingredients of our Breastmilk Preservation Powder is strictly confidential and secret. It absolutely must neither be ingested nor breathed in (wear PPE including gloves and respirator at all times and keep away from children and pets).

For your own peace of mind, to protect yourself, family members and pets, please follow our usage and safety instructions carefully when using this Keepsaker Supplies breastmilk preservation powder. Use common sense and PPE (full details of PPE sourcing can be found in our Worldwide Sourcing Guides here – including the UKUSAAustralia and Canada (more countries coming soon). Keep the powder, breastmilk, tools and equipment and preserved milk away from children and pets for safety and also for professionalism. Be careful around naked flames. The product is not intended for consumption or any other use other than for preserving breastmilk and breastmilk substitutes such as constituted formula, plant drinks (such as soy milk). The resulting preserved breastmilk is only intended for use in making jewellery and ornaments and again is not fit for human consumption. Please do not taste or smell the powder as the ingredients may irritate the nose and mouth. As a breastfeeding parent themself, Nikki mixes, packages and uses the powder daily using a dust mask and vinyl gloves, which are included in all of our DIY kits and more can be purchased from our Worldwide Sourcing Guides here. For information on our health and safety datasheets click here.

Q20. If I’m not in the UK, will I have to pay customs charges?
We would love to be able to answer this but each country has different rules and charges for receiving items purchased from the UK. Please rest assured, we don’t include shipping in the value of the item so you won’t need to pay tax on the price you paid for postage. Unfortunately, you may also have other charges from the courier company for dealing with customs and taxes. Please consider this when making a purchase as it is your responsibility to pay any import fees due. We recommend speaking with local businesses and customs officials/government to find out what to expect. We will under no circumstances be able to pay these fees for you, sorry.

Q21. Do I need to order different ring sizes for a customer for different band styles?
If your client is a UK size P then if they want a wide band ring (wide band or chunky for example) then it is best to suggest to them you do a size larger. So they measure a P but you suggest a size Q. That’s because the wide band rings compress a larger surface area. For US sizes that’s a half size; so a size 7 client we’d recommend a size 7½!

For a “comfort fit” ring like the twist band and bubble band rings, then we might suggest you go a half or quarter size smaller so they don’t feel too loose. This is kind of up to the artist. Best practice is to have that half size smaller, but on Tree of Opals we don’t like to because: it can confuse customers! If the customer is easy to talk to then you can suggest it to them when they order but otherwise it’s fine to do a size P twist for someone who measures a P. Hope that helps!!! For US sizes that’s a quarter or eighth size; so a size 7 client we’d recommend a size 6¾ (or a “small 7”)!

If your customer has arthritis/swollen knuckles ask them to give you the ring size for the finger where the ring will sit NOT the knuckle… their finger might be a P but the knuckle an R! Ask us to make a P SQUISHED band, we will happily then make the band an oval shape which is easier to get over a swollen knuckle and stay on. Much of the difficulty here is explaining the above to your clients but I’m happy to make any ring size you ask for – just order the nearest size and let me know in the comments what you’d like. Also happy to DO EU sizes too, just let me know. Thanks – Nikki