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Wooden Doming Block


Wooden doming block and two punches perfect for fitting our bead cores and shaping sheet silver and solid gold amongst other metals. Use alongside our doming punch set for perfect beads. Please note, this item is dropshipped meaning it’s sent directly from the manufacturer due to size and weight.

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Wooden Doming Block, Square Dapping Block & Punch Kit for Shaping, Stamping Blanks, Soft Metals Gold Silver Copper Aluminum Sheet Concave DIY. 50mm wide with domes 29mm, 30mm, 31mm, 32mm, 40mm and 41mm. Also includes two different size punches. Can be used with our doming punch set to fit bead cores and shape metal such as solid silver and gold.

How To Fit A Bead Core

Here is a video showing you how to fit a core with the ball bearing (included) and a lightweight hammer like this one

Here is a video showing you how to fit a core with a doming punch set and a wooden doming block

How to make a breastmilk bead with the Beachball Resin Technique, here’s the Breastmilk Bead blog with all the supplies you’ll need

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