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Classic Ring Setting for your clients’ elements such as breastmilk, hair, cremation ashes, placenta and umbilical cord. For direct pour, rubover and glue-in resin cabochon stones. A variety of bezel cup sizes and styles, and a comfort fit round shank.

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Classic Ring Setting made with a 2mm wide solid Argentium silver band, which is 1% purer than sterling silver. Does not include ashes as shown in the pictures. These rings take  up to two weeks to produce and send unless otherwise stated. They are custom made for you to order and as such are not eligible for return/change of mind.

Perfect for use with our cabochon and faceted stones here or for direct pouring, depending on the bezel cup you choose. You can order some ring stock images here to show your clients some mockups before they buy (please remember the instructions for use advise you to tell your clients results will vary!), we have lots of variations but not every possibility so please get in touch if you would like a mockup.

We recommend you buy a compatible necklace setting, for example a small necklace setting (for example) to accompany this ring and once you’ve made the cabochon stones you can offer to set the other one as a necklace for a small extra charge (£25 or so). Around half of your customers will take you up on this (just be sure to tell them you’ll still return the extra stone even if they don’t pay!)

pearly gold classic ashes dangle charm and ring, teardrop 8x6mm bezel cup with direct pour UV resin and cremation ashes cremains and gold leaf. 2mm round ring shank and pear shaped filled ash bezel cup. 6mm round bezel cup with domed resin top
pearly gold classic ashes dangle charm and ring

Kit Contents

If you’d like to buy this ring as a kit you’ll receive:

You can also request some practice ashes here. You’ll also need to provide yourself (not included):

Follow our tutorials here to prepare your clients’ elements or buy a pack of 5 or 10 sachets of Breastmilk Preservation Powder here!

YouTube Tutorials

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Direct Pour Ring Making Video Tutorials

Here’s the Hannah ring with a cremation ashes direct pour
Rubover Bezel Ring Making Video Tutorials

Ring Stock Images

You can order some cast ring stock images here to show your clients some mockups before they buy (please remember the instructions for use advise you to tell your clients results will vary!).

Round Wire Ring Setting Sizes

These round or classic wire rings are available in UK half sizes and US quarter sizes, please let us know in the comments and choose the size below. For example, if you would like a UK size P1/2 ring, please choose UK P and say in the comments “size P1/2”.

Please note, we recommend that you advise your customer to consider taking away half or quarter of a UK ring size to their best fit on these comfort fit bands. For example, if they are a UK size L on a normal ring sizer, the might advise them to go for a size K½. We will make whatever size you request and it depends on your clients’ understanding (you can confuse them sometimes with this, but if they want it a little on the snug side so it doesn’t twist then go down that extra bit).

Comfort Fit for Arthritis/Swollen Joints

Comfort fit bands like this Classic Ring Setting are ideal for clients with arthritis and swollen joints etc. If you’d like us to press the ring into a slight oval shape for clients with arthritis/swollen knuckles please let us know in the comments. We recommend sizing the client’s finger and not the joint, the oval shape will help them get the ring on and because it can then be more true-to-size, it’s less likely to slip.

Solid Silver and Bezel Cups

The silver in these settings is 925 sterling or 935 or 940 anti-tarnish silver, which is 100% recycled. We use sterling silver solder paste. Please see our blog on Types of Solid Silver which explains the care instructions for the silver and the metal content. You can advertise these as 925 sterling silver which is the minimum fineness of the band and bezel cup.

Please remember, the larger the bezel cup, the less secure the solder join and more prone to being knocked off! I would recommend a maximum of 10x10mm around but prefer to stick to 8mm where possible. I am more than happy to make any ring style and have oval, teardrop, round and heart bezels in all popular sizes such as 16x12mm, but I am not able to replace them if the client knocks off the bezel cup or the solder comes loose. Crown point settings are very prone to knocking and will need to be well looked-after by customers too.

We are happy to do any of the settings the other orientation, for example I always make oval settings landscape (sideways) because it’s a little more secure, less prone to being knocked off due to a smaller surface area overlapping the band. If you’d like the oval settings in portrait (regular) please let me know in the comments. Always happy to do heart and teardrops landscape too for a special and unique look.

  • These rings are made with satin finish as standard. You can brush this with sandpaper or polish it to a mirror shiny finish as desired

*Most kits will come with a compatible mould, but for settings that aren’t suitable for use with a mould (direct pour or fillable only) we will instead send a practice bezel setting which is stainless steel. You can fill this with the client’s ash/milk etc to send them a proof photo before filling the setting. This way you can check they’re happy with the colours.

Classic Ring Setting Engraving

Add text engraving here – this style of band is PERFECT for engraving, although the text is very small (less than 1mm) so Nikki recommends you choose a regular typeface such as Arial, Times New Roman or Georgia, rather than a handwriting font like Silver South Script! Unfortunately there’s not usually enough room for image engraving

Classic Ring Setting purple Ayla cord ring, orchid purple resin sparkle mix with ground umbilical cord. solitaire ring setting with 6mm fillable bezel cup, engraved inside with Arial font
Classic Ring Setting purple cord ring, orchid purple resin sparkle mix with ground umbilical cord. 6mm bezel cup, engraved inside with Arial font

Silver Polishing Cloths

Customers may wish to give their rings a quick polish before sending, you can buy a silver polishing cloth from us here. If you have an established business and would like some branded polishing cloths we use this company for our Tree of Opals cloths!

They are custom made for you to order and as such are not eligible for return/change of mind. However, please contact us if you have ordered the wrong size as we may be able to exchange or advise on resizing (rings can be made a size larger if sent back to us, at your own cost, prior to adding stones or filling).

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3 reviews for Classic Ring Setting

  1. Kathy Smith (verified owner)

    Beautiful classic style ring. Premium quality. <3 Very popular with clients

  2. Margaret Stewart (verified owner)

    Beautiful ring setting . Fantastic service and so helpful. Thank you so much

  3. Amelia Hymans (verified owner)

    Beautiful ring, well made 🙂

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