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Why I Have To Put My Prices Up

Why I Have To Put My Prices Up

Why I Have To Put My Prices Up in 2022, when I know how my clients rely on my stock. I’m so grateful to all of my loyal clients and students for your support over the years and so that I can continue to put out all the YouTube videos and free courses, I need to raise the prices a little here and there. Edit – no VAT for the next 6 months, because only half of my orders are UK based, international orders don’t count towards the VAT threshold.

I’m letting you know so that you can adjust your own prices accordingly. With the cost of living going up so much, your customers will understand if you need to put them up 10% or more. If you need help costing and pricing your jewellery please let me know, I’m happy to help anyone struggling to make a profit or pay a tax bill and I can recommend the most amazing accountant who can help you straighten things out. Just let me know.

This will help us ship orders more efficiently and help me stay afloat and support my family. It literally helps me put school shoes on my kids’ feet and I’m always overwhelmed by your support for my small business. I’m always here if you need support and mentoring, and I’m working hard to produce more videos for you all. My prices may not be the cheapest but I hope you can see that the quality is worth it. You get 100% support when you buy from Keepsaker Supplies with a guarantee of quality

Hope you’re having a great summer

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