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UV Top Coat no wipe, no stickiness. Perfect for top coats and repairs, 7.5ml or new 12ml bottle for finishing keepsake and memorial jewellery with your clients’ breastmilk, cremation ashes, locks of hair and fur or umbilical cord and placenta. Please note, larger quantities (five or ten) will be dropshipped due to weight!

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UV Top Coat no wipe, no stickiness. Perfect for top coats and repairs. With low heat curing and good aftercare this resin should not yellow at all. This is a great size for beginners and anyone struggling with stickiness. You could try using it with epoxy resin pieces too. We have been using this successfully at Tree of Opals for several months and it’s a game changer. Videos below! Can be posted as a large letter so you may notice the shipping is cheaper with this size than our others.

Suitable for finishing small pieces, thin doming, recoating. We do not recommend anything larger than 20mm across or more than 12mm thick. This resin is more environmentally friendly than epoxy as there is much less wastage, no need to mix up your resin in advance, just paint on, cure and go. Will need longer curing due to steel strength.

Please read our full Terms and Conditions and FAQ page before ordering. Not available to ship by courier internationally, sorry. Quantities of five or more will be drop shipped directly from the manufacturer, meaning they may take a little longer but we pay the import duties for you saving time and hassle and we are able to send larger volumes that we can’t keep in stock.

Using UV Resin

Simply pour resin into your mould. You can also add your clients’ elements or inclusions like breastmilk, lock of hair, umbilical cord and placenta or cremation ashes. Then cure in the usual way. If the piece comes out dull, or you need to correct a mistake, or you smudge the finish then UV Top Coat is the perfect way to get a perfect finish. You can use it on top of UV resin or epoxy resin.

UV Resin Video Tutorials

Opal Ashes Channel Ring – Easy Memorial Jewellery Tutorial with this UV top coat, here’s the full blog with the products I’ve used and written instructions

This is the Ayla ring with a lock of hair direct pour

This video I made shows you how to make an umbilical cord and breastmilk ring with pearly purple breastmilk sparkle mix using a direct pour method. I’m using the Ayla ring which has a curved over top like this ring so it’s perfect for direct pours

Here’s the Hannah ring with a cremation ashes direct pour

Here’s a tutorial on making an ashes ring using a cabochon

To add a lock of hair, we recommend you use a mould and follow this tutorial

Making a cremation ashes heart necklace with a crown point setting

A tutorial for making a breastmilk heart necklace in a serrated setting


Ring Stock Images

You can order some cast ring stock images here to show your clients some mockups before they buy (please remember the instructions for use advise you to tell your clients results will vary!).

If working with UV resin we recommend you work in layers to achieve beautiful depths of colour.

Contact Us

If you have any questions please email us on info@keepsakersupplies.com or get in touch on our Facebook page Keepsaker Supplies (click here).

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14 reviews for UV Top Coat

  1. Rhea Mitchell (verified owner)

    This is a game changer. That extra clear top coat gives my pieces are whole new dimension. It finishes them perfectly and neatly !

  2. melaniesmemorialjewellery (verified owner)

    Well I never!!! After using moulds for beads I often find that they’re left dull (moulds not keepsaker). This little topcoat is wonderful. It makes the pieces crystal clear and finishes them off beautifully.
    I am alway dubious of new products as I have used the same supplies since I set up my business in 2015. I have used this on a personal item of my own to check the longevity, something I do with any new product I buy. This has been on now for a number of months and there has been no yellowing, no chipping and it has not been affected by any chemicals that I have used to clean the house.
    This is a must have product if you want to finish your items quickly and to a high standard.

  3. m.cyphers (verified owner)

    I can’t even begin to express how good this stuff is. I use epoxy resin and occasionally some pieces need an extra layer to protect from dirt. I’ve used normal UV resin as a top coat but found that didn’t cover properly, and have bought other variations of this which were to be Frank, absolutely naff. This stuff goes on flawlessly and when cured has such a beautiful, smooth finish! Perfect for my ring pendants and small necklace pearls! Would absolutely recommend this and now use it on most pieces!

  4. thymelesswire (verified owner)

    Amazing product produces a beautiful shine!

  5. laurenrose1742 (verified owner)

    Amazing top coat gives your piece a shiny finish and looks beautiful.

  6. Laura Ingram (verified owner)

    First time using to make a pendant with ashes , turned out great , lovely and shiny

  7. Catriona Mackenzie (verified owner)

    This has changed my life! No joke, it’s amazing, there’s no bubbles, it’s so smooth and shiny. It is perfect to use when making rings, and finish off necklaces, flawless results every time. I absolutely love it!!

  8. Jessica Jenkins (verified owner)

    This is definitely a game changer! I love this top coat. It definitely improved the quality of my pieces and it seems to last a while for me too. I still haven’t ran out of the top coat yet

  9. nacollereynolds (verified owner)

    Thank goodness for this product!

  10. cbuxton64 (verified owner)

    Omg I’m so pleased I found this last year, just purchased another bottle as it really does save so much time.
    Once you have finished making your item a quick coat of this top coat makes it super smooth and so shiny.
    Really makes a difference.
    Every resin artist needs this whether making jewellery or other small items.
    Game changer.
    Thank you For helping us make life easier Nikki.

  11. Jade wilde (verified owner)

    Amazing top coat never realised how much it would make a product

  12. Laura Milligan (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff used over a ring to protect the stones and worked great

  13. Liz Vango-Smith (verified owner)

    Lovely shiny topcoat, great for creating a final hard later over a small resin piece.

  14. Margaret Stewart (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic product. If I could give more than 5* I would. Makes a huge difference to the finish of the jewellery

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