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Gold Filled Split Rings


Gold Filled Split Rings or rolled gold round open Split rings made of 14k gold filled wire. Necklace setting for your clients’ elements such as breastmilk, hair, cremation ashes, placenta and umbilical cord.

Please note the sizing info in the description!

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Town Talk Gold Polishing Cloth

Town Talk Gold Polishing Cloth for polishing gold rings, charm bead cores and inserts and other gold settings. You can also use it on solid gold, gold filled and gold vermeil, as well as gold plated items. I like to have a few on hand ready to give every piece a quick extra polish before posting out.

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Gold Filled Split Rings or rolled gold made of 14k gold filled wire. Perfect for making designs in gold tone to accompany any of our gold filled, solid gold or gold vermeil pieces or by themselves.

You can include a gold vermeil necklace chain for your customer. Does not include ashes etc or necklace setting as shown in the pictures, but you can buy our gold vermeil necklace settings and kits herePlease be sure to explain to your customers that this is gold-filled, not solid gold! This blog explains the differences between types of gold.

Gold Filled Split Rings Hallmarking

Our Gold Filled Split Rings are not hallmarked as they are not solid gold. In the UK to sell these you must clearly state that they are rolled gold to your clients. Please check your own country’s laws on the selling of gold plated items. Please see our blogs on Types of Silver and Types of Gold to read about the differences between gold-filled and vermeil. You can buy a gold polishing cloth from us here!

How to Use Gold Filled Split Rings

You can read our full blog here on making a forget me not pearl here with all the links for the products you’ll need to make one. You can use UV resin or epoxy resin (epoxy will take a day or two to cure) and will need to fully drill the sphere. Insert the headpin then use wire wrapping to form a loop. Here’s the YouTube tutorial video on creating an orb necklace with a forget me not

Here is a tutorial video with a little more detail on creating a loop. Don’t forget to make the loop large enough to fit in your necklace chain. You can practice with some inexpensive silver plated headpins like these before using ours with your clients’ precious elements

14k Gold Filled Settings

These handmade rings are made of 14k gold filled wire and bezel cups using 9ct or 14ct gold solder. Please see our blog on Types of Gold which explains the care instructions for the gold filled setting and the metal content. You can advertise these as 14k gold filled, 14ct gold-filled etc but please make sure to make it very clear in your title and product description that this setting is not solid gold, it is not marked or hallmarked! Gold filled settings are exempt from hallmarking under UK law, please familiarise yourself with the laws on selling gold filled in your country before purchasing. Unlike gold vermeil (gold plated solid silver), the gold in gold-filled settings is mechanically bonded in a thick layer so is unlikely to wear off or ever need plating. Gold filled is a wonderful budget alternative to solid gold, and is more long lasting than gold vermeil.

Polishing Cloths

Customers may wish to give their rings a quick polish before sending, you can buy a gold polishing cloth from us here. If you have an established business and would like some branded polishing cloths we use this company for our Tree of Opals cloths!

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