10 Breastmilk Sending Tubes


10 Breastmilk Sending Tubes, 5ml tubes perfect for clients to send in breastmilk. They’re perfect for freezing and are also suitable for pressure cooking or defrosting in hot water.

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10 Breastmilk Sending Tubes, 5ml tubes perfect for clients to send in breastmilk. Give them printed instructions you can purchase here. Find out more about sending kits, what to include and what to buy here in How To Make Sending Kits.

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Using Breastmilk Sending Tubes

You can include them in a sending kit and it’s very important to use an Ultra Fine Sharpie to write on the client’s name and order number on the side, and add their initials and order number on the top. If you’re sending tubes for more than one person’s milk, it can help to write the contents on the side. For example, tubes 1 & 2 “Kelly’s milk” and tubes 3 & 4 “Brian’s milk”. It’s a nice touch if you use washi tape around the edges to decorate the tubes and tell them apart.

The pots are perfect for freezing and they’re also suitable for the pressure cooker method in our breastmilk tutorial blogs. They’re 5ml so the perfect amount for using with one sachet of our Breastmilk Preservation Powder.

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