Sending Kit Instruction Templates


Sending Kit Instruction Templates, digital PDF files for downloading and printing for your clients. We will also provide the link to the Google Drive version which you can copy and edit or download as a .doc file. More coming soon (instructions in progress)

Add Some Stock Images

Breastmilk and Baby Bead Stock Images

Over 20 Breastmilk and Baby Bead Stock Images. These will be marked as available to download after your purchase has been shipped and your order shown as complete. Does not include a physical shipped product. You will be able to download the photos shown in this gallery full resolution, royalty-free unwatermarked. Please watermark with your own branding before posting.

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Sending Kit Instruction Templates to download and edit to sent to clients with their kits. You can also use the text on your website for a “Breastmilk Jewellery Sending Instructions” or “Cremation Ashes Jewellery Sending Instructions” etc, email to clients or copy and paste in messages. No need to provide attribution to us. Please order downloads separately to any shipped items so that we can mark your order as “shipped” and you can download your items sooner.

They will be available to download once your order is marked as “shipped” by us, which is done manually – so it won’t be available straight away. Don’t forget to check back on My Account for your order status, and you can redownload as many times as you like. Please “purchase” this separately to any products that need shipping so we can mark it completed straight away!

Templates Included

  • How To Use Sending Kit Instruction Templates PDF which contains the link to the editable documents on Google Docs (you can download them in a number of formats)
  • Breastmilk Sending Kit Instructions
  • Cremation Ashes Sending Kit Instructions
  • Hair and Fur Sending Kit Instructions
  • Horse Hair Sending Kit Instructions
  • Umbilical Cord and Placenta Sending Kit Instructions
  • Petal and Leaf Sending Kit Instructions
  • 2D Fingerprint Sending Kit Instructions
  • 3D Fingerprint Sending Kit Instructions
  • Sentimental Fabric Sending Kit Instructions
  • Sand and Earth Sending Kit Instructions
  • Tooth Sending Kit Instructions

Using Sending Kit Instruction Templates

See our blog on How To Make Sending Kits to learn how to use these effectively. You can even buy many of the consumables for sending kits right here on our website now! Please note, we have two different spellings for jewellery and jewelry – it depends which country you’re in as to which you use. Jewellery is the UK spelling, jewelry is the USA spelling.

Sending Kit Instruction Templates Printed
Sending Kit Instruction Templates Printed

Google Docs version

We will add the link to the Google Drive version to the order on your account, to edit Google Docs just “make a copy” of the document and edit away. You just can’t edit our original. The documents will always be in your “shared with me” folder.

Sending Kit Instruction Templates Laptop
Sending Kit Instruction Templates Laptop

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