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Bezel Cups


Bezel cups in solid Argentium (935) or pure (999) silver for silversmithing rings and earrings. For making your own settings for keepsake and memorial or breastmilk jewellery.

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Use a tiny spoon to measure your powders

Tiny Measuring Spoon

Tiny Measuring Spoon for working with small amounts of cremation ashes, breastmilk powder, ground umbilical cord and placenta powder, or resin sparkle mixes, mica powders and glitter etc. Perfect for making cremation ashes jewellery, breastmilk jewellery and umbilical cord jewellery.

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Bezel Cups for making rings, earrings and other metals. Silversmithing essentials made from sheet metal. Ideal for direct pour or glue-in cabochons but we highly recommend rubover setting for cabochons for a professional and long-lasting finish. Combine with our 2mm Bubble Wire for stunning memorial and breastmilk rings.

You can also use our scalloped 10mm heart bezels as bezel cups and combine with our unfinished ring settings. Also, you can use our crown heart settings, crown teardrop settings, crown oval settings and crown round settings; I like to cut the loop off the top and use a rubber grinding bit to smooth the edge then solder/braze as usual onto the ring shank!

935 and 999 Silver

The silver in these bezel cups is  solid Argentium (935) or pure (999) silver. They are not hallmarked (not required as they are under the UK hallmarking weight). Please see our blog on Types of Solid Silver which explains the care instructions for the silver and the metal content.

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