Scalloped Heart Necklace Setting

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935 anti-tarnish solid silver 18mm Heart Necklace Setting for your clients’ elements such as breastmilk, hair, cremation ashes, placenta and umbilical cord. You can choose to include a kit including mould and supplies, or add a double heart cabochon mould below. Please note the sizing and handmade info in the description

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Kits include: a single compatible mould, pair of vinyl gloves, 3 cocktail sticks, resin sparkle mix sample (random colour), 10g bottle of UV resin, a dust mask, some sandpaper, label backing paper, 1x sachet Breastmilk Preservation Powder (breastmilk kit only)

Compatible Moulds

18mm Heart Cabochon Duo

Handmade silicone mould with two depressions for 18mm flatback medium heart cabochons. Ideal for making necklace cabochons with resin, polymer clay or concrete. You can include your clients' elements or inclusions such as breastmilk, lock of hair, umbilical cord and placenta or cremation ashes. Compatible with our 18mm heart setting here (click)

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10mm Heart Mould Duo

Handmade silicone mould with two depressions for 18mm flatback medium heart cabochons. Ideal for making necklace cabochons with resin, polymer clay or concrete. You can include your clients' elements or inclusions such as breastmilk, lock of hair, umbilical cord and placenta or cremation ashes.

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Solid silver  heart necklace setting and option to create a kit. Includes a jump ring already attached so all you need to do is add a necklace chain and your resin heart. Does not include ashes etc or chain as shown in the pictures, but you can buy necklace chains from us here. Please note, this is the new style scalloped edge necklace setting (not the previous open-backed crown point setting), see below for further details!

  • Buy as the necklace setting by itself
  • Or buy as a kit for ashes/hair/cord or breastmilk
  • Don’t forget to add a chain here

You can even purchase stock images here that you can mark with your own watermark to get orders before you’ve made one yourself, just be sure to let customers know they’re mock-ups (examples).

Making A Heart Necklace

You can purchase the pendant setting by itself, it’s perfect for use with our 10mm heart moulds or 18mm heart moulds. Please let me know in the comments when you order if you’d like a patina (antique effect) applied, this is no extra charge. The rest of the kit contents are listed below if you’d like to buy it all separately and this can be more cost-effective if you’re making pieces professionally or making several for family members. We include a single mould with the kits but it’s easier to make two hearts at once to offer your client a choice, so you may wish to purchase the double mould. You may want to order the complete set of resin sparkle mix blends, and other supplies, a pack of cocktail sticks, and larger bottles of resin for example.

New Heart Necklace Setting

This scalloped edge heart necklace setting has been designed by hand by our owner, Nikki, and is perfect for breastmilk and keepsake jewellery. They are more subtle than the previous crown point design, but you can still purchase crown point hearts here. Our new design features

  • designed by hand by owner Nikki with resin jewellery in mind
  • anti-tarnish 935 solid silver setting, higher purity than sterling!
  • solid back suitable for engraving (coming soon)
  • higher quantity of smaller scalloped points which should be be rubbed over to secure the resin heart cabochon in place, providing a secure grip on the cabochon
  • easy to push over points, very strong and not brittle
  • the resin heart can be removed and replaced by lifting the scalloped points if the customer scratches their resin cabochon
  • comes with a removable secure sterling silver jump ring

Kit Contents

If you’d like to buy this necklace setting as a kit you’ll receive:

You can also request some practice ashes here. You’ll also need to provide yourself (not included):

Follow our tutorials here to prepare your clients’ elements or buy a pack of 5 or 10 sachets of Breastmilk Preservation Powder here!

Learn how to make a breastmilk heart necklace with this video, the full blog is here with all the supplies you’ll need

Learn how to make a cremation ashes heart necklace with our video, the full blog is here with all the supplies you’ll need

18mm Heart Necklace Setting

Size: 19x21mm (fit stone approximately 18x16mm), jump ring is 6mm, 1mm thick. They can all be engraved (click here) or handstamped.

Caution! These hand-finished scalloped edge jewellery settings are definitely handmade in nature. You may notice flaws and imperfections, scratches and please don’t expect a perfect finish. If you are looking for large-scale mass produced perfection we would recommend buying from these folks on Etsy instead.

I find that the heart range sells for at least £80/piece and you can charge £160 for a heart shaped breastmilk necklace with this setting engraved (click here) and a necklace chain, so it is worth the investment if you are good at upselling those extras to your clients. Use our stock images to encourage sales.

Compatible Mould

You can choose to include a Scalloped Heart Necklace Setting single compatible heart mould (as part of the kit) or a double 10mm heart moulds or a double 18mm heart cabochon mould here. Please note the sizing info in the description!

Heart Necklace Chain

Although this Scalloped Heart Necklace Setting kit doesn’t include a chain, we sell some necklace chains here (click) and you can purchase the length you need according to your client’s preferences. You might want to buy in some inexpensive 20″/50cm lightweight chains to include free of charge with necklaces as clients will usually expect a chain. We found on Tree of Opals that even if we advertised a piece as not including a chain, we used to still receive complaints that one was not included. I doubt many people will read this and we will get complaints about the lack of chain but I want to give you the option to purchase them locally inexpensively or upsell your clients to a premium chain. You can usually get chains from local suppliers such as Cookson Gold (UK), Rashbel (Israel) and Rio Grande (USA) or buy a silver necklace chain here on Etsy. We find you can make a little extra income from upselling chain upgrades and other accessories and ensure that your client has a strong, sturdy chain according to their needs.

Breastmilk necklaces we would definitely always advise are upsold to stronger chains as many people ordering breastmilk jewellery will have babies and toddlers who will try to grab them! Just make sure that your client knows the necklaces are not child-safe, should be worn with care and common sense and not used as fiddle beads/teething jewellery! I tried to always make the difference between breastmilk jewellery and breastfeeding jewellery clear!


Our scalloped settings are all hand finished/polished. Although we try our best to remove scratches we can’t always achieve a perfect finish in-house.We could send ours to be polished by polishing experts, but that would increase the cost significantly and we find our customers usually prefer handmade and affordable to factory perfection.  You’re welcome to refinish any pieces you feel could be polished better. If you require a finish with no imperfections we will be happy to recommend other retailers who have the equipment to achieve that.

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11 reviews for Scalloped Heart Necklace Setting

  1. leannemurdieee (verified owner)

    Beautiful pendant setting. So pleased to have found this in the UK and at a reasonable price.

  2. jocelynconway (verified owner)

    This is such a beautiful delicate setting. Proving really popular with my clients. Fab service from Nikki and quick delivery xx

  3. shelbygraceteia (verified owner)

    Simply AMAZING! This was the first breast milk piece I created and I absolutely love it. I love how easy the edges secure the resin.

  4. hollybirt (verified owner)

    This setting is so pretty, it’s one of my favourites!

  5. hollybirt (verified owner)

    This setting is so pretty, it’s one of my favourites. It’s very easy to use with the accompanying mold.

  6. llinola (verified owner)

    Fab product, very secure and finished to a high standard. Looks beautiful made up!

  7. Tracie Nall (verified owner)

    This is just beautiful and oozes quality!
    I haven’t found anything on the market that compares.
    Thank you

  8. Tracie Nall (verified owner)

    Excellent quality as usual. complete trust in Nikki and her products.

  9. beckiscott76 (verified owner)

    This is by far the most popular pendant with my clients and it is so handy being able to buy the relevant mould with the settings (or not!). It is really easy to set and rarely needs any polishing.

  10. frannyp (verified owner)

    Love these little hearts – look great on European style bracelets with a carrier.

  11. GEMMA BLUNT (verified owner)

    Such good quality!! Looks absolutely stunning. Love it!!

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