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A Dried Leaf

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A dried leaf to make beautiful additions to any memorial resin jewellery. Please let us know in the comments on the checkout if you’d like us to add practice cremation ashes.

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A Dried Leaf for practicing resin. Let us know in the comments if you’d like a sample of cremation ashes to practice with and we can add this free of charge. We are not selling cremation ashes! The ashes we can send were donated and came from a horse whose owner wanted the ashes to travel all around the world and bring joy. These will help you hone your craft to bring joy to your customers. Please read our full Terms and Conditions and FAQ page before ordering.

Follow our tutorials making flower and petal jewellery, making lock of hair jewellery and making cremation ashes jewellery to learn some new techniques and find the supplies we recommend.

Simply place in the mould with resin either side and you can also add colours, sparkles or your clients’ elements or inclusions like breastmilk, lock of hair, umbilical cord and placenta or cremation ashes. Then cure in the usual way. Or you can add your resin to the mould before adding the forget-me-not flowers.

If working with UV resin we recommend you work in layers to achieve beautiful depths of colour.

The flowers are dyed to improve the durability of the colour however it is natural for the colours to fade over time with exposure to daylight, just like vintage pressed flowers.

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8 reviews for A Dried Leaf

  1. realmofresin1 (verified owner)

    I have used this to mimic ashes in some example jewellery I’ve made. It is very similar to the real thing and people can see what their memorial jewellery will look like with their own loved ones ashes.
    Would definitely recommend to use for practice

    • Nikki Kamminga

      They are real horse ashes, donated by a lovely customer of mine over at Tree of Opals for practice and photography. They’re exactly how other ashes will be, although you’ll find ashes come in all sorts of different colours and textures, horse ashes are very similar to adult human ashes

  2. kissedbythestarskeepsakes (verified owner)

    Truly lovely being able to work these ashes, i thank the owner of the horse for donating them (your beloved pet has made it to Adelaide, Australia). I love that i have been able to practice with these ashes and not have the added pressure if something was to go wrong.

  3. eleesha1992 (verified owner)

    Are perfect for practice or display/example pieces. Thank you very much to the donor.

  4. keepsakesbygeorgy (verified owner)

    Thanks for the free leafes, they are good to practice they give the chance to see how they behave in resin. I forgot to ask for the ashes this time (too busy adding the leafs twice in my cart 😬sorry I wasn’t greedy just ignorant)

  5. keepsakesbygeorgy (verified owner)

    I only realised at my second order (considering that the dried leaf always looked exactly like ashes in resin and reading again the description..) 🥴the dried leafs ARE ashes! That’s why they behaved and looked exactly like ashes🤦‍♀️. Great opportunity to learn working with ashes. Thank you.

  6. hollybirt (verified owner)

    This was really helpful to use while practicing my ashes lieces and to make pieces for examples on my website!

  7. Jessica Jenkins (verified owner)

    I love the fact that these are offered because now I have the opportunity to make sample pieces to have more to show potential customers. Thank you so much for this freebie!

  8. Julia Wallis (verified owner)

    I really appreciate the chance to make up sample pieces using these ashes, they are perfect. Thank you.

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