Resin Jewellery Care Instructions

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Free ring sizing chart – UK and US sizes, digital PDF file for downloading and printing. It will be available to download once your order is marked as “shipped” by us, which is done manually – so it won’t be available straight away. Don’t forget to check back on My Account for your order status, and you can redownload as many times as you like. Please “purchase” this separately to any products that need shipping so we can mark it completed straight away!


Resin Jewellery Care Instructions to download and use on your own website, email to clients or copy and paste. No need to provide attribution to us. Please order downloads separately to any shipped items so that we can mark your order as “shipped” and you can download your items sooner.

Using Resin Jewellery Care Instructions

See our blog on Giving Clients Care Instructions to learn how to use these effectively. Preventing damage is always better than clients coming to you with broken pieces in need of repair or remaking.

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