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Making Breastmilk Jewellery: Part 4

Making Breastmilk Jewellery: Part 4 of 4 shows you ways to move forward once you have started trying out breastmilk jewellery preservation techniques.

How To Move Forward

Although I make a little extra income from the affiliate links in my blogs, this is not a method you’ve “purchased”, and I don’t “owe” anyone a full working method. If you don’t want to try the ideas I’ve given, and want something that will work straight away then please buy a DIY breastmilk kit like this one on Etsy. You can use our other blogs to learn how to add a lock of hair, umbilical cord or blogs with videos for specific pieces like a charm bead or heart necklace.

This series on making breastmilk jewellery is not a how-to, it won’t give you all the answers and it won’t magically create a business for you. If you’re looking for step-by-step instructions and a course on making breastmilk jewellery, the Baby Bee Hummingbirds Breastmilk Jewelry E-Course (click here) is definitely what I’d recommend!

People message me all the time to say, “I just want to make something for myself”, to which I reply that it’s in fact cheaper to pay a professional, such as Precious By Kerry (a really good friend who makes gorgeous jewellery) to make a piece for you. I’ll be trusting Kerry with my own milk in September 2020 when my new squish arrives because I’ve always wanted someone else to make me something! Goldsmiths can purchase blanks from most breastmilk jewellers made with their own milk.

Mentoring from Nikki

You know I would absolutely love to mentor everyone who asks, but at this point I do not have time. I have an admin manager whose time I pay for to deal with the requests (and demands), receiving sometimes quite abusive messages because we won’t tell them precisely how to do it. I get begging messages on my personal Facebook profile, Instagrams and emails and at least half the time they turn downright nasty when I won’t help. Now we just ignore cold messages asking for help making breastmilk jewellery (excluding questions about joining the Facebook group on our Facebook page, see below).

I shouldn’t feel the need to justify this, but actually my time is very precious. I have two small, wonderful and very time consuming children. At the time of writing, I’m homescooling them because of the coronavirus and then have to work every night doing admin. I’m mentoring a friend in Tanzania to set up a fashion business. My baby is due in September 2020 and I’m restarting my law degree the following month. I’m setting up an Amazon store to import Fairtrade eco friendly homeware and baby items. I run Tree of Opals and because of the coronavirus I don’t have anybody to help me make the pieces at the moment, so it’s all done by me. And of course, I make and sell handmade moulds here at Keepsaker Supplies.

I’m hoping to start training as a breastfeeding counsellor this summer so that I can volunteer my time to really help people in need to have a good nursing relationship with their child and help them reach their goals. If you would like some friendly support and signposting around your nursing journey then you may message me personally. I don’t have time to support anyone’s journey making breastmilk jewellery individually, so there’s no need to give me a long story about your breastfeeding journey to try to get my sympathy to mentor you. It will not work.

I get several requests a day! I DO NOT HAVE TIME! If this blog isn’t good enough for you, kindly address your complaints to your nearest cat. If it weren’t for the wonderful members of my Facebook group (see below) I would have pulled this blog series down long ago for all the moaning I get about it not being a full method. You did not have to pay for it, I owe you nothing. If you’re stuck, ask on the group. There are lots of specifics there, including named preservatives, photos and some great drying methods. Thank you to all the members who contribute and help one another.

Resin Jewellers Making Breastmilk Jewellery

I regularly see posts on most of the resin groups about breastmilk jewellery making. People moan that it’s very secretive, that there’s nothing out there to teach them how to do it. Hopefully you’ve read the other parts to this blog (linked above) and that’s enough to start you off on your journey. Once you’ve bought your supplies you can give it a try. Even if it turns out badly, you’ve tried and that’s enough to join the Facebook group (see below). I see complaints on the group that people weren’t accepted, but I keep it exclusive so that all members have something to contribute.

Joining the Facebook Group

Here is the Facebook group: Breastmilk and Memorial Jewellery Group. It’s a great group and will help you move on. The group won’t help you unless you already have some grounding, so please buy a few supplies and try it out with a friend’s milk or your own. I also accept people making other keepsake and memorial jewellery such as ashes, hair and cord/placenta, or even floral resin artists and jewellers.

In the questions on the group entry, where it asks what jewellery you’ve tried, you can tell me how you did it and even if it went badly I’ll probably still let you in. If you’ve purchased moulds and supplies from me here at Keepsaker Supplies (scroll up for the shop), I will probably let you in.

I WILL NOT let in people who haven’t bothered trying yet. Unless they have some major contributions to make to the group, such as experienced goldsmiths who can help those members looking to make their own settings, or lampworkers who are happy to help members progress to glass. I’ll also welcome experienced web developers willing to give their time helping people with their eComms (like this site, which I made myself) or SEO.

We have members from all around the world but we also get a lot of spam. Make sure you answer the questions within 10 minutes of your request to join or I will decline it automatically. Three declines, and I will block you. If you’re not sure why you were declined, message us on the Keepsaker Supplies Facebook page with your answers and we will tell you what you need to do to join. Remember, I tend to add my Keepsaker Supplies customers automatically so don’t forget to let me know in question 2 if you’ve purchased here (free downloads don’t count!).

Breastmilk and Memorial Jewellery Group Rules

Once you’re in, no need to do an intro post but please “agree” to the pinned thread which links back to this website, so members know where to get supplies. I will remove people for ignoring the rules and my main bug bear is “Hey ladies/girls” posts because I’m a non binary person and we welcome people of all or no genders. People with all abilities are welcome and please let me know if I can make the group more accessible (eg requiring image descriptions for folk using screen readers).

Making Breastmilk Jewellery Links

Please see our individual country-specific blogs for shopping supplies: United Kingdom, USA, <ahref=””>Australia, Canada (coming very soon), other EU countries (coming soon) and non-EU countries (coming soon).

You can find part one of the blog here in Making Breastmilk Jewellery: Part 1 which gives you a list of initial supplies you’ll need for this craft. Part two of the blog is here in Making Breastmilk Jewellery: Part 2 which explains some of the ways to preserve milk that do and don’t work. Part three of the blog is here in How to Make Breastmilk Jewellery (part 3) and should get you started with some preservation ideas.

Preserving Breastmilk with Milky Mama Magic Dust™

If you’d prefer to use a guaranteed method, you can preserve breastmilk using Milky Mama Magic Dust™. The full blog is here and you’ll be able to start making a profit immediately, even if you decide to still work on your own method in the background


Spellings – this blog is written in the United Kingdom so my spelling is in English. I’ll try to add alternatives after but our spelling of jewellery is correct here.

This post contains affiliate links meaning when if you buy one of our recommended products I receive a small amount of earnings which comes in handy on Amazon for our two children’s books. They are learning Phonics and love animals, bugs and spaceships. Aqui hablamos español, on parle français, hier spreken we nederlands, tunasema Kiswahili hapa, and føroyskt, but they love to see all languages.

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