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Breastmilk Preservation Powder Instructions

Preserving Breastmilk Part 1 - breastmilk preservation powder instructions

Preserving Breastmilk with Breastmilk Preservation Powder from Keepsaker Supplies is a great way to make breastmilk jewellery affordably. You’ll need a pack of Breastmilk Preservation Powder exclusive to us here at Keepsaker Supplies or one of our one of our DIY breastmilk jewellery kits and a few simple supplies to make breastmilk jewellery and you can add little extras to personalise your clients’ pieces. >>>Breastmilk preservation powder FAQ’s are here<<<

Breastmilk Preservation Powder

We include these PDF downloadable instructions with the breastmilk kits for preserving the milk. After your first order you’ll receive a reasonable 15% off future purchases*

Learn how to make a breastmilk heart necklace with this video, the full blog is here with all the supplies you’ll need

Preserving Breastmilk with Breastmilk Preservation Powder

Send your client a breastmilk sending kit, see our Worldwide Sourcing Guides here – including the UKUSAAustralia and Canada (more countries coming soon) for details on the tubes we recommend, which are also suitable for heating directly although that’s not needed for this method.

You’ll need the following supplies

*Some of the supplies in this Preserving Breastmilk for breastmilk jewellery blog are optional, such as the double boiler and the silica drying gel. They’re marked with an asterisk and are completely optional but recommended


Make sure your client has sent in the right amount of milk
We recommend asking them to send two small tubes each with around 5ml milk. If your client has low supply you may ask them to keep the second tube in their own freezer at home, in case the first is lost in the post. If you burn the milk, for example, you can then ask them to send the second tube.
You can also ask them to send 15ml in a milk storage bag; ask them to measure the milk in a bottle and not to rely on the markings on the bag because they can be deceptive
When a bag of milk arrives, divide it into two small bags and label it with the client’s name and order number so you can keep one back in the freezer


Put boiling water in the bottom saucepan
Double check your client’s name and order number and put the tube in the water to defrost for a minute
Remove the milk and give it a gentle shake
Bring the water to a boil
Put the top bowl on the saucepan, allow to heat and add the breastmilk
When the milk is hot, add the powder and immediately begin to stir
It will fizz up then thicken gradually
Take it off the heat when it’s thick and don’t let it dry out too much


Spread the preserved wet milk paste onto the label backing paper or baking parchment labelled with the client’s name and order number
Leave this to dry somewhere safe. It depends on the humidity and temperature of the room as to how long this takes, anywhere from 24 hours to a few days
When preserving breastmilk with Breastmilk Preservation Powder I like to place the label backing paper in a takeaway container over silica drying bead packs
The drying gel will remove the moisture quickly and the gel can be refreshed in the microwave from time to time to remove moisture
Clean the bowl or bain marie
We like to store the takeaway containers in a storage drawer unit until dry


Put a small amount of the preserved dried breastmilk flakes, as much as you will need for the client’s order, into a clean white pestle and mortar
Grind it as finely as you can.  The finer it’s ground, the better it will suspend in the resin and the more opaque the piece will look
Put the rest of the dried milk into a double-sealed bag labelled with the client’s name and order number, along with a silica sachet and reserve


Please keep the remaining frozen breastmilk as a backup, we recommend two years
At Tree of Opals we had a small under-counter freezer which was plently large enough to store three years worth of breastmilk (thousands of 10ml tubes)
If you allow your clients to send in large bags of milk, such as 10oz full-to-the-brim bags, you will quickly run out of room
If you send clients a breastmilk sending kit with two pre-labelled tubes, they will always be neat, well-labelled and organised
If you are charging the client a preservation fee you may agree to send them the rest of the dried preserved milk, but most artists keep it in as a second back-up in case they need to remake the piece in the future


You can work with breastmilk as you would any powdered substance like cremation ashes or resin sparkle mix
If you’re working with epoxy resin you can pre-mix it in a 20ml disposable shot glass or reusable silicone mixing pot, then use a pipette to transfer it into the mould
If you’re working with UV resin, you can mix a little of the powder with resin on label backing paper with a lollipop stick to form a paste, then fill your mould with resin and add the paste
You might like to add a bit of one of our exclusive Breastmilk Resin Sparkle Mixes (Pearly Powders), our Unicorn White resin sparkle mix, or even a tint from one of one of our highly pigmented resin sparkle mix blends
All of our sparkle mixes contain ethical micas (free from child mining) and plant based glitters

UV resin is much faster, but there’s an increased risk of yellowing especially with clients who don’t follow the care instructions!
However, some people (like myself) are allergic to epoxy resin so we can only offer UV resin and are very strict about aftercare
Keeping the milk back for at least two years, frozen and dried, will mean you can replace any pieces that have turned due to resin issues
We’ll do some videos showing both types of resin in this series so please subscribe to our channel and hit the notifications bell

breastmilk bubble ring, classic breastmilk with dark blonde hair and subtle white gold leaf, bubble band ring, 8mm cabochon
breastmilk bubble ring, classic breastmilk with dark blonde hair and subtle white gold leaf, bubble band ring, 8mm cabochon

My next video will be how to make a breastmilk bead for Pandora bracelets with a Breastfed ♥ With Love ♥ Core. I’ll be using one of our DIY Breastmilk Bead Kits which has Breastmilk Preservation Powder and most of the supplies you’ll need. In the future I’m also going to be doing some videos with do’s and don’ts for those of you who want to investigate your own breastmilk preservation methods. My own baby Lexi is is just a few weeks old so I’ll be showing you a video preserving our placenta, her umbilical cord and colostrum and using those in jewellery.

Now relax and do some crafting breastmilk preservation powder video

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Breastmilk Preservation Powder Instructions
Breastmilk Preservation Powder FAQ’s

Please note, this Preserving Breastmilk blog contains affiliate links meaning I receive a small income based on your purchases from Amazon and Etsy etc. This affiliate income is really helpful to me to support my family and if you’d like to know how I set it all up please get in touch (blogs coming soon!).
Nikki x

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  1. […] to use a guaranteed method, you can preserve breastmilk using Breastmilk Preservation Powder. The full blog is here and you’ll be able to start making a profit immediately, even if you decide to still work on […]

  2. Is it ok to use cow’s milk to practice with? Will it preserve it the same way as human breast milk?

    1. Hi Holly you can just practice with water but there shouldn’t be any need to practice really, as we’d recommend you ask clients to post in 15ml of milk, you can use 5ml and if you burnt the milk or dropped it then you should still have plenty of their milk to have another go. You can also just ask in breastfeeding groups if anyone has an ounce they can spare to practice with (perhaps milk that was accidentally defrosted and not used0. If you’re making something for yourself you’d only get one sachet so you can split that in half if you’re nervous and just use 2.5ml milk
      Hope that helps

  3. How long will the power last before I open? I orders it but just don’t know hen I’m going I have time to start!

    1. Hi Clare it should last years so long as it’s kept dry. Refresh or replace the silica gel sachets when they start to go green meaning they’re full of moisture. Any issues, we’re happy to replace any powder that’s gone clumpy etc but if kept dry it should be fine 🙂

  4. Would you please tell me how much resin should I put to breastmilk powder?
    Is it like powder from 1ml breastmilk go good with 2ml resin?
    Thank you very mucH.

    1. Hi Kate, it depends on the opacity you want. In a direct pour, for example, I’ll mix up 0.1ml resin and perhaps 0.2ml powder and apply that in the first layer. Then I’ll add a little more resin, stir, apply and keep repeating till the silver setting is covered. The middle layers I’ll add clear, then swirl in some of the milk resin mix, then the top layers will be just resin. For a mould, work backwards. Have you done my free breastmilk course?
      Nikki Lovegrove

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