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Resin Sparkle Mix Set with 13 colours, which make a beautiful additions to any memorial resin jewellery. Now introducing Goddess Golden and Dolphin Silver! Hand blended by Nikki for breastmilk and memorial jewellery. Our sparkle mixes contain eco friendly materials, plant based glitters, holographic, chameleon and mermaid sparkles and ethical mica!

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Resin Sparkle Mix Set, eco friendly resin sparkle mix blends for any resin piece. They can also be kneaded into translucent polymer clay or brushed on before baking. This sparkle mix contains plant based vegan glitter, lab mica (meaning guaranteed not to have been mined by children) and other sparkly light reflecting particles to secret recipes. You can read about the use of child labour in the mica industry in Lush’s blog here and the importance of sourcing synthetic mica. The sparkle mix also includes small amounts of plant-based opalescent flakes too which show different colours in different lights!

Each colour has been formulated personally by Nikki based on years of experience and feedback from breastmilk and memorial clients over at their other company, Tree of Opals. We recommend blending two or more colours for specific orders, for example Fairy Pink and Orchid Purple for a beautiful violet (they look even better swirled together not fully mixed). If a client wants a paler shade of green you can mix together Unicorn White and Basilisk Green.

Pre-Mixed Resin Sparkle Mix
The pre-mixed resin sparkle mixes save a lot of time, it is 3ml Padico Star Drop UV resin mixed with 3ml resin sparkle mix – use sparingly with clear UV resin to add colour. Not suitable for use with epoxy resin (buy loose for epoxy). Be sure not to allow any UV light to come into contact with the pre-mixed pots or it will cure; it’s very important that pre-mixed resin pots only be opened to remove a little bead of colour before being closed again! Please see my latest YouTube tutorial. To refill the pre-mixed pots, buy a refill pack and just use equal quantities loose powder and UV resin and stir carefully.

Colours Included in the Resin Sparkle Mix Set

You will receive a set of 13 colours of our resin sparkle mix colours, either 3ml aluminium pots or 5ml/10ml refill packs, or now pre-mixed with UV resin!

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Using a Resin Sparkle Mix Set

Resin Sparkle Mix blends works beautifully in epoxy and UV resin. The resulting colour and shade will depend on how much of the mix you use, how it’s placed and your other additions, inclusions and elements. Cremation ashes, for example, vary in colour from white through to browns, greys and black. Please make sure you tell your clients you cannot guarantee a shade but feel free to show them our Keepsaker Supplies and Tree of Opals watermarked images and purchase our stock images (please don’t crop our watermarks out of photos).

You can watch this video below for inspiration and here is the full blog on making a cremation ashes heart necklace

Rainbow Breastmilk Heart Tutorial Video

You can see more examples of the colour sparkle mixes in use over at Tree of Opals here (click) and Nikki has galleries over there. Again, please feel free to share the watermarked images without cropping out the watermark, or purchase this set and create your own sample discs to show customers on your website and social media.

Simply premix with resin then pour this into your mould, or push it into a mould already filled with resin. You can also add your clients’ elements or inclusions like breastmilk, lock of hair, umbilical cord and placenta or cremation ashes. Then cure in the usual way. Or you can add your resin to the mould before adding the forget-me-not flowers.

Here’s a tutorial on making Fur and Ashes Rainbow Bridge Bead with the vampire black resin sparkle mix. Please subscribe to my YouTube to get notifications when I share a new tutorial!

If working with UV resin we recommend you work in layers to achieve beautiful depths of colour.

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4 reviews for Resin Sparkle Mix Set

  1. littlesilverstories (verified owner)

    I bought all 11 colours. While I was waiting I bought some off Amazon thinking they were much more affordable. Comparing the two these are much nicer quality wise. The opalescent flaking added to them is beautiful and adds depth. The pastel colours blend beautifully in UV resin and I use just a touch to tint breast milk pieces. Ethical and biodegradable options are very important to me. I use the tiniest amount for my cabochons and will last a long time!!

  2. shelbygraceteia (verified owner)

    Very pigmented and beautiful colors! I bought some resin colors from a local hobby store and they were horrible compare to these! These pigments add the perfect amount of color without taking away from the piece.

  3. Catriona Mackenzie (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE these, they are so bright and beautiful!! They’re a perfect addition to any resin, just a tiny bit goes such a long way. It’s a bonus that they are ethically sourced. The added opalescent flakes are such a great idea, they make it look stunning!!

  4. nacollereynolds (verified owner)

    Love all of the colors!

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