6mm Domed Headpin

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6mm domed headpin necklace setting in solid argentium silver for your clients’ elements such as breastmilk, hair, cremation ashes, placenta and umbilical cord. As used by Nikki at Tree of Opals.

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6mm domed headpin made of solid Argentium silver 935. 6cm length 0.8mm wide headpin with a shiny domed base, this looks like a mushroom and is perfect for setting fully drilled spheres made from our sphere moulds (click here). Argentium silver is 1% purer than sterling silver and doesn’t tarnish so easily. The 6mm domed base is large enough to cover the sanding area from the pouring spout on most of our spheres, or at least most of it. We always recommend you get a finish as perfect as possible on your sphere before fully drilling.

umbilical cord 11m sphere necklace with Aegean blue resin sparkle mix and 6mm domed headpin
umbilical cord 11m sphere necklace with Aegean blue resin sparkle mix and 6mm domed headpin

You can include a silver necklace chain for your customer. This will give you everything you need for a beautiful sphere necklace for your clients.

How to Use A 6mm Domed Headpin

You can read our full blog here on making a forget me not pearl here with all the links for the products you’ll need to make one. You can use UV resin or epoxy resin (epoxy will take a day or two to cure) and will need to fully drill the sphere. Insert the headpin then use wire wrapping to form a loop. Here’s the YouTube tutorial video on creating an orb necklace with a forget me not

Here is a tutorial video with a little more detail on creating a loop. Don’t forget to make the loop large enough to fit in your necklace chain. You can practice with some inexpensive silver plated headpins like these before using ours with your clients’ precious elements

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4p3nD8zyKY?start=15&w=560&h=315]

6mm Domed Headpin

6mm wide domed base, 6cm long headpin in 0.8mm wide wire.

935 Antitarnish Silver

The silver in these settings is 935 antitarnish silver, which is 100% recycled. They are Argentium silver from Cooksongold. We use sterling silver solder paste. Please see our blog on Types of Solid Silver which explains the care instructions for the silver and the metal content. You can advertise these as 935 antitarnish silver or 925

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Weight N/A



solid Argentium silver


6mm x 60mm x 0.8mm

2 reviews for 6mm Domed Headpin

  1. Sophshumble (verified owner)

    Nice strong head pin perfect for the small sphere pendants. Feel a really secure and my customers love it

  2. Lara Vallence (verified owner)

    I was amazed by the quality of this headpin the gauge is lovely and thin but it’s still reallly workable to twist round and make into a pendent. The dimmed cup is so secure and strong. This might be a new favourite for me, the quality is exceptional

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