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Tiny Measuring Spoon for working with small amounts of cremation ashes, breastmilk powder, ground umbilical cord and placenta powder, or resin sparkle mixes, mica powders and glitter etc. Perfect for making cremation ashes jewellery, breastmilk jewellery and umbilical cord jewellery.

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Tiny Measuring Spoon for working with small amounts of breastmilk powder, cremation ashes, umbilical cord or ground placenta, and resin sparkle mixes. Measure ashes and other powders directly into your resin, onto your mould or use a small pestle and mortar first to grind ashes a little finer, before spooning into your designs. You can read our blogs and tutorials on cremation ashes here:

Breastmilk preservation powder is available here – Breastmilk Preservation Powder or you can read our tutorials on working on your own breastmilk preservation method here.

Rememeber: every person’s breastmilk and every person or pet’s ashes will come a different colour or texture. The tiny measuring spoon is also ideal for working with ground umbilical cord and placenta powder; read our blog here for advice working with those. Please read our full Terms and Conditions and FAQ page before ordering.

Using A Tiny Measuring Spoon

Use caution and proper personal protective equipment such as masks and protective eye goggles when working with preserved breastmilk, ashes, resin sparkle mixes, cord or placenta. Use as many spoonsful as desired to achieve the look you want for your piece. For a medium size charm bead a single spoonful of ashes and one to two spoonsful of resin sparkle mix is perfect.

Here’s a tutorial on making Fur and Ashes Rainbow Bridge Bead with the tiny spoon in the Over The Rainbow Bridge bead core kit. Please subscribe to my YouTube to get notifications when I share a new tutorial!

Sterilise the spoon in between different clients’ elements (milk powder, ashes etc) by wiping with an antibacterial wipe. Nikki and the Tree of Opals team use biodegradable plant fibre wipes then pop the spoon under the UV lamp to dry. This video shows one of the spoons being used

If working with UV resin we recommend you work in layers to achieve beautiful depths of colour.

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Easy Double Ashes Ring Tutorial Video

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10 reviews for Tiny Measuring Spoon

  1. terezakaycross (verified owner)

    Very handy tool to use for resin sparkle mixes instead of my Normal cocktail sticks so I don’t end up head to toe in glitter!

  2. kissedbythestarskeepsakes (verified owner)

    Super handy for measuring out resin colours or adding dry inclusions into the resin mix. I won’t use anything else now! I love it!

  3. keepsakesbygeorgy (verified owner)

    I was so excited receiving the little spoon, it’s perfect for adding small quantities of pigments, gliter, ashes to my work. Bye bye sticks and guessing quantities added now I know how much I add with my metal spoon. Great quality! It’s perfect

  4. r.deveau96 (verified owner)

    I LOVE tiny things so this tiny spoon is absolutely perfect! It’s perfect for resin colours and breastmilk powder

  5. hollybirt (verified owner)

    I love how tiny this tiny spoon is, makes crafting easy!

  6. cbuxton64 (verified owner)

    Ooh this tiny spoon is so handy.
    Helps to get just a tiny amount of glitter or mica coloured powder to add to your resin.
    Much easier than using the sticks I used to use.

  7. Edyta KIjak (verified owner)

    So useful for tiny amounts of glitters, mica!! No mess 🙂

  8. Jade Biddle (verified owner)

    This tiny spoon is awesome, it’s versatile; I’ve used it with inclusions, sparkle mixes and pearlescent powders!

  9. Notmyname (verified owner)

    Very useful tool for enything dry as glitter, mica powder, preserved milk and many more Best quality I ever got.

  10. Audrey Blair (verified owner)

    I was so excited to get my wee spoon….. it was much needed. Xx

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