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Baby Moulds


Baby moulds made of opaque silicone suitable for use with epoxy resin and polymer clay. The finished babies can be embedded in larger moulds inside clear resin for memorials and keepsakes. Please note, this item is sent directly from the manufacturer due to weight!

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Silicone baby moulds with opaque silicone, set of five for making resin or soap babies. You can make baby memorial pieces (perhaps containing a secret heart of cremation ashes) or breastmilk.

Please note that these moulds aren’t suitable for use with UV resin due to size and opacity. At present there are no findings suitable as they are not jewellery moulds. You will need to finish and perhaps paint them before sending to your clients

Using The Moulds

You can attach wings to the little babies after creation using a separate mould, or by attaching FIMO handmade wings, or ones from model butterflies (wire wrapped in nylon or marabou). You can find your own way to finish the babies with acrylic paints, glitter or colouring pens; see Hextian on YouTube for doll painting, they use Mr Superclear to create a matte layer perfect for painting on and sealing the doll!

Ornamental Baby Moulds

Baby Size                          About 6 cm

Working Temperature       -40C to 220C

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