8mm Cabochon Mould Duo

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8mm Cabochon Mould Duo handmade silicone mould with two depressions for 8mm round cabochons. Ideal for making ring and earring cabochons with resin, polymer clay or concrete. You can include your clients’ elements or inclusions such as breastmilk, lock of hair, umbilical cord and placenta or cremation ashes.

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8mm cabochon mould/mold pairs (two depressions in each mould to fill). Please read our full Terms and Conditions and FAQ page before ordering.

Setting an 8mm Cabochon Mould Duo

This 8mm cabochon mould is perfect for use with  our very own handmade ring settings like the bubble band ring setting. You can make a cabochon with UV resin, cremation ashes and Angelic Aqua Resin Sparkle Mix, then glue it in and rub over the silver bezel cup to protect the it from damage and keep it secure in the ring. If you just fill a ring setting, it can pop out causing great distress to your client.

aqua ashes ring, cremation ashes ring on bubble band, 8mm round setting. Angelic aqua resin sparkle mix
aqua ashes ring, cremation ashes ring on bubble band ring setting, a 8mm cabochon mould is used to make a “stone” then set in the 8mm bezel cup. Angelic Aqua Resin Sparkle Mix

a 8mm round silver crown setting. You’ll need 6mm solid silver split rings (or you can solder on regular jump rings) and you can include a silver necklace chain for your customer. This will give you everything you need for a beautiful 8mm round necklace for your clients.

8mm round silver crown setting
8mm round silver crown setting

Or you could make a gorgeous gothic pentagram necklace with this 8mm setting from Caverswall Minerals

this 8mm setting from Caverswall Minerals

Or you could make a pair of round earrings with this setting

round silver setting
round earring settting

Or you could make a solid sterling silver ring using this sterling silver claw ring setting(click here) – shorter prongs are best for smaller cabochons like this

sterling silver claw ring setting from ArmoredSupplyCo on Etsy
sterling silver claw ring setting from ArmoredSupplyCo on Etsy (click here)

Using Silicone Moulds

Because they are made from water-clear silicone, our moulds (molds) they are ideal for all types of resin including UV curing resin. No need for polishing or sanding. We use a strong but flexible high quality silicone and each mould is hand made and checked.

Simply mix your resin with colours, sparkles, flowers or your clients’ elements or inclusions like breastmilk, lock of hair, umbilical cord and placenta or cremation ashes. Then add to the mould and cure in the usual way. Or you can add your resin to the mould before adding elements.


If working with UV resin we recommend you work in layers to achieve beautiful depths of colour.

These moulds are suitable for use with resin (UV resin, EcoResin, epoxy resin or polyester resin), concrete, polymer clay (air drying, heat curing such as Premo and Sculpey). We recommend removing the polymer clay from the mould before baking if not using air drying clay although they can be heated up to 130°C. Although we use a food-safe silicone, we don’t recommend these moulds for use with food due to the manufacturing process.

Mould Life and Care

These moulds are sold for semi-permanent use and will degrade with use. This is normal and not classed as a fault. Please see our mould care information for more info. The life of your moulds will depend on the material used, the number of uses, how gentle you are using it, good storage, careful washing and environmental factors.

Test Cast

It is very important you do a test cast with each mould to check for imperfections, to remove any dust attained during transit and to make sure you are comfortable using the mould before making any jewellery. We advise you use UV resin for this and coat the depression in resin before curing, removing and making a visual check. If there is a problem with the test cast please get in touch within 7 days of receipt.

Settings and Findings

We recommend that resin cabochons are glued into place and ideally protected with a rubover bezel. You can use any setting with an 8mm depression and due to differences in manufacturing processes, we cannot guarantee a perfect fit. If you are unsure please order a single mould to test, make a test cast cabochon (see above) then test it in the bezel cup. To help you remove it from the bezel cup, place a length of dental floss over the bezel cup first before pushing in the cabochon.

Contact Us

If you have any questions please email us on keepsakersupplies@gmail.com or get in touch on our Facebook page Keepsaker Supplies (click here).


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12 reviews for 8mm Cabochon Mould Duo

  1. Joanna Knights (verified owner)

    Perfect for use with the ring settings and produces a lovely shaped cabochon every time. Works excellent with uv resin and the clear silicone makes placing elements like hair so much easier to see!

  2. arkeepsakes (verified owner)

    Lovely mould, clear and easy to use and a great overall size to work with. Nice finish.

  3. eleesha1992 (verified owner)

    These fit perfectly with the ring settings. Absolute joy to use

  4. alays20 (verified owner)

    Had a super hard time finding certain size moulds and Nikki had them!! Love them all! True to size!

  5. m.cyphers (verified owner)

    I’ve used a few different 8mm molds from different suppliers, but never liked how prominent the domes were. These are just the right height and fit perfectly in my settings. And as with all Nickys molds, they’re made to a very high quality and don’t dull as quickly as some others I have do

  6. mrsemmabarrett (verified owner)

    I love the height of the dome on these. Other’s I have tried were just too domed but these are perfect for what I wanted and very well made!

  7. thymelesswire (verified owner)

    Another perfectly created mould that is easy to use and produces a stunning finished product.

  8. mrsemmabarrett (verified owner)

    I have been regularly ordering these moulds for months now. Great results every time!

  9. mrscatherinereed (verified owner)

    Great quality as always, cabby produced fits perfectly into the ring setting (also purchased from here)

  10. Georgina Doughty (verified owner)

    Really pleased with this mould. Creates a lovely finish. Easy to use and perfect for what I needed.

  11. Lara Vallence (verified owner)

    Gorgeous mould!! I have used mine about 100 times and the stones are still coming out shiney and perfect. I love that KS does them in sets of two, it allows me to choose the best one and send the other to the client as a little something extra. I wouldn’t buy moulds from anywhere else.

  12. Margaret Stewart (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality. Brilliant service and fast delivery

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