Rotary Tool With Flex Shaft


Rotary tool with flex shaft for grinding beads and orbs, drilling and polishing. Perfect for any keepsake and breastmilk jeweller’s studio – this is a vital piece of equipment. This product is shipped directly from the manufacturer to save you waiting for us to dispatch.

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Rotary Tool With Flex Shaft perfect for grinding resin beads and spheres, partially or fully drilling pearls and orbs, flatbacks, keyrings and other items you need to attach hardware and findings to. Also perfect for grinding and polishing precious metal. Powered by mains for power.

This product is shipped directly from the manufacturer to save you waiting for us to dispatch.

Rotary Tool With Flex Shaft Specifications

  • Frequency: 50HZ – 130W
  • Rated Voltage: 220V
  • Power Source: AC
  • Cycle: 50~60HZ
  • Collect capacity: 0.5~3.2mm
  • Power: 180W
  • RPM: 8000–30,000/ min

Features: Polishing, trimming, engraving, cutting, drilling holes, markup, engraving. Perfect for resin, bronze, copper, silver and gold, stainless steel, porcelain, stone, glass, plastic, wood, aluminum etc. Light-weight design for precise operation, quiet and smooth, portable & easy to use.

Package includes:
1PcxElectric Rotary Drill
1PcxFlexible shaft, Tool box, Cloth whee, Impeller, Oilstone,  Wrench,  Tapping screw, Wool grinding head,  Soft shaft lock wrench, Rubber abrasive dis
2PcsxRubber wheel,   Milling cutter
3PcsxWire brush,  Copper wire brush, Polishing compound,  Connection clip stem
4PcsxCopper chuck
5PcsxWool polishing wheel, Netting
8PcsxDiamond grinding needle
10PcsxBig sand paper, Small sand paper, Grinding wheel head
12PcsxPolish sheet
72Pcsx3 cans Resin cutting

Using A Rotary Tool With Flex Shaft to Finish a Bead

You can use the rotary tool with flex shaft to finish a bead or orb using a carbide burr bit. This grinds off the excess resin after snipping off what you can with side cutting pliers.


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