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Jewellery Photography Lightbox


Jewellery Photography Lightbox, ideal for taking photos of your keepsakes, memorial and breastmilk jewellery with perfect white backgrounds. Please note that due to size this item is drop shipped directly from the manufacturer

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Perfect With

White Tack

White Tack in 25g bags, not in original pack. White Tack for photographing keepsake and breastmilk jewellery, for holding pieces in place and applying resin top coats or doming

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Jewellery Photography Lightbox for photographing items with a white background. You can use this with a mobile phone (cellphone), or camera such as a DSLR which we highly recommend. You can also switch out the background for black or white foam if you prefer. There is a hole in the top which is ideal for shooting from above or hanging a necklace from.

Easy to put up, portable design and the LED lights just plug in to a standard 5V USB adapter, low energy usage (3.5W). The sides slip together quickly with magnets. Made of PVC, 20 LED lights at 550 lumens total.

How to Use a Jewellery Photography Lightbox

Nikki likes to use a little bit of White Tack to prop up jewellery, which usually isn’t seen but can easily be smoothed out in programmes like Photoshop or mobile apps. The multiple lights prevent too many shadows and reflections, and we like to use a bit of white cardboard next to the camera to bounce the light back.

Look out for our blogs on jewellery photography, which is covered in our Advanced Breastmilk Jewellery Course

Listing does not include camera, phone or tripod as shown in some photos.

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