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Crystal Birthstones Charms


Crystal Birthstones Charms to add to any keepsake or memorial necklace, dangle charm and even earrings. Solid sterling silver 925 stamped Swarovski crystals with rings for birthstones and boobie awards, or just to add a little bit of bling to your jewellery!

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Crystal Birthstones Charms including boobie award stones make the perfect addition to any keepsake resin jewellery. For more info on Boobie Award (Nursiversaries)click here. Made with 925 solid sterling silver these gorgeous little 4mm dangle charms are made with faceted Swarovski crystals. You can buy packs of 12 individual or a set of all 12 crystal birthstone charms here.

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Using Crystal Birthstones Charms

Crystal Birthstones Charms can be attached to any necklace, dangle charm or earring design. You may need a larger jump ring. Please note, this product is not designed to be added to resin, nor can you add resin to it or mix it with a client’s milk/ash/hair etc. If you’d like birthstones you can include in resin please see our synthetic birthstones and synthetic opals.

You could mirror the colour of your charm in the client’s resin using a resin sparkle mix, biodegradable glitter, alcohol ink or opalescent flakes in a matching shade.

Crystal Birthstones Charms in Keepsake and Breastmilk Jewellery

There are many variations on birthstones, but for this range of charms they are inspired by the below precious stones. Please note, these charms are Swarovski crystal and not genuine birthstones.

January – red garnet – deep red
February – amethyst – deep purple
March – aquamarine – light blue/green
April – crystal – clear – also two year boobie award
May – emerald – deep green – also exclusive pumping boobie award
June – alexandrite – pale pink
July – ruby – red – also three year boobie award
August – peridot – green
September – sapphire – deep blue – also six year boobie award
October – tourmaline – deep pink
November – yellow topaz or citrine – deep yellow
December – blue topaz – deep blue/green

Crystal Birthstones Charms are the perfect way to help your clients remember a loved one with a vivid colour or even to add a little extra sparkle and colour to a piece with their favourite colour. Blue to represent forget me nots, or traditional pink and blue for babies, the choices and combinations are endless.

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synthetic blue topaz – December, synthetic red garnet – January, synthetic amethyst – February, synthetic aquamarine – March, synthetic diamond – April, synthetic emerald – May, synthetic alexandrite – June, synthetic ruby – July, synthetic peridot – August, synthetic sapphire – September, synthetic tourmaline – October, synthetic yellow topaz – November

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